Cozy Halloween Night In with Three Easy Snacks!

I am a major homebody. Most of the time Halloween in my house is spent cuddled up inside, watching movies and handing out candy. Side note, it makes me so ecstatic when I get trick or treaters. Growing up in the middle of nowhere Alabama I always wanted it to be like in the movies where all the kids are out trick or treating; but we never got any. Now I still live in the Alabama countryside but with more neighbors so I finally get trick or treaters. Anyways, sorry for the ramble, haha. I thought I would try out some new, cute snacks and show them to you. This is NOT a DIY blog and honestly, most of these turned out so ugly that they’re kind of cute. I’m sure you can make them much better than I did but I had fun trying. The lighting in these pictures aren’t the best because it was dark out so I’m having to use my kitchen lighting instead of natural, like I prefer.

Ghost Bananas

I thought we’d start with the easiest and healthiest of the three. This one is pretty self explanatory but you need some bananas and some chocolate chips. Only make the amount you plan to eat right then or you’ll have some brown and nasty nanners.

Mummy Dogs

All you need for this one is a pack of crescent rolls and a pack of hotdog weenies. You can also get candy eyes if you want to go the extra mile or just use ketchup or mustard for the eyes. You just wrap the weenies in the crescent rolls and bake them. You will more than likely have to bake them longer than the package tells you to because they don’t want to cook all the way through with the weenie in them. Also, ignore my battered baking sheet. It’s been through many wars in the kitchen with me.

Oreo Bats

These little guys drove me crazy. They are far more difficult to make than it looks like they would be. What you will need: Peanut Butter Cups, Oreos, Peanut Butter, Candy Eyes and a lot of patience. The first step, cut the Oreos in half and scrape out the cream. This is the most difficult step because the Oreos break so easily. That’s why so many of my bats have deformed wings, haha. Second step, add a little peanut butter (I put way too much in my picture above so use less than that) onto the Oreo and attach it to the Peanut Butter Cup. This takes some effort and would be easier on the big Reese Cups instead of the small ones. Third, put a tiny bit of peanut butter on each candy eye and attach to the Peanut Butter Cup. Then your done and have a bunch of cute bats that took a ridiculous amount of time to make.

thumbnail (11)

Once you’re done making all the snacks grab you a movie and a cutie (human or furry) to cuddle and enjoy you’re night in! I’d love to know what you enjoy doing for Halloween nights in! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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