essence Pure Nude Highlighter Review

Not trying to be over dramatic but my life may be complete now that I’ve found this highlighter. Okay that’s a little much but the essence Pure Nude Highlighter is honestly my favorite right now. This isn’t a new product but after seeing so many great reviews for it, I had to try it. It’s only $4.49 for a ton of product, 0.22 oz/6.5g.

*The glow is so subtle you probably can’t even see it on my face but it’s there. 

The color of this highlighter is a little scary at first. It looks like it should be a bronzer but on the skin it’s a peachy/golden color. You can build it up to be blinding but I prefer it to just be very natural looking. This highlighter is going to be perfect for anyone with fine lines or texture because it doesn’t contain glitter and just looks natural. I feel this highlight would work for any skin tone.

If you like subtle highlights, have mature skin or have skin texture I really think you would love this. Have you tried this before? Does it sound like the answer to your highlight prayers? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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