January Wrap Up!


I know most people hate January. It’s cold, dark and seems to last forever but I am the odd person that loves this month. January brings a lot of good things. It’s a fresh start to the year and the time for making new goals. It’s the month I got married in. My husband, James, and I celebrated four years of marriage on the 25th. We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and if you’re interested you can read about that here. It’s also my Dad’s birthday month and every year you still have your loved ones is a blessing.

Like I said above, January is the month for new goals. I’m finally back on track with working out and eating right. I started to veer off around October and by December I wasn’t even trying. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and if I don’t keep my weight under control things start going haywire in my body real fast. As far as other goals, I’ve been consistently blogging every other day and I hope to keep that up. This year I’d like to have way more travel/outdoorsy type posts. That’s something I really enjoy along with health and wellness. Of course, my blog will always be primarily book and beauty reviews. I’d love to hear feedback on what you would be interested in seeing the most!

This month was a good start to the year and I hope yours was good as well. There is 170 of you following me on here now! That’s not counting my Twitter and Instagram. I can’t believe that many of you are even interested but it’s so appreciated. Be sure to give me your feedback below. Let me know what you want to see or just how your month went! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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