Catrice Prime and Fine Waterproof Makeup Transformer Drops Review

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The Catrice Waterproof Makeup Transforming Drops is one of the best makeup purchases I’ve EVER made. This is $7.99 when full price but if you get it from Ulta they have sales all the time. I was very skeptical about this but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. This stuff actually works!

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Without drops on the left, with drops on the right.

I tried these drops out in my Essence Fresh & Fit Foundation. I did not like this foundation at all because it transferred terribly. If I barely touched it a big chunk of foundation would just be gone. It didn’t matter what powder or setting spray I used the foundation still stayed tacky and had no lasting power, until I used these drops. These waterproof drops changed the formula in the best kind of way. This foundation actually lasted on my face all day and I could touch it without it coming off. I still had to powder and touch up the powder after many hours of wear but these drops turned an unwearable foundation into one I’m thinking of repurchasing. I did not notice the drops changing the shade of my foundation.

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You can see the water droplets just sitting on top of the foundation! 

Best of all, these drops actually make the foundation waterproof. You can see in the picture above that the water is just sitting on top of the foundation. That spot is still covered in foundation even after I put it under the faucet on full blast. This is easily removed with soap or any other makeup remover.

I used a drop of the Waterproof Drops for every pump of foundation. I was very generous with the drops and did not notice it affecting the foundation negatively in any way. I do have sensitive skin and have had no issues while trying these out. I highly recommend these, especially during the warmer months.

These drops are now a must have for me. I’d love to know how they worked for you if you’ve tried them or if you’re planning to pick them up! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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