Burt’s Bee Skincare & Lip Product Haul with Full Reviews

I have been meaning to write this review for a long time but it just kept getting pushed to the side. Most of these products I’ve been using for a year or longer. I really love most of what I’ve tried from Burt’s Bees. Their pricing is what I would consider middle range. It’s not quite drugstore but it’s not high end either. However, most of the time when I buy Burt’s Bees it’s during some kind of sale. Ulta frequently has them on clearance or buy one get one half. WalMart puts Burt’s Bees on clearance frequently, especially on the website, and even Amazon usually has things cheaper than the actual Burt’s Bees website. I’ll be linking most of what I mention to Ulta but some will be to the Burt’s Bees website. I’ve reviewed other products from them before so if you’re interested in that just click here. Without further ado let’s get into the reviews!

*I apologize for the lighting. Some of the pictures look washed out because I had to edit them. 

Lip Balm & Lip Shine

thumbnail (23)

  • The standard Lip Balm is $3.29 and available in a ton of flavors. I’ve used quite a few of them and I just really haven’t been impressed. My lips stay dry and these just don’t give them any kind of long lasting moisture. I wouldn’t recommend them.
  • The Lip Shine is $6.99 and available in a few different shades. Mine is in the shade Blush which is a sheer pink color. I really love this gloss but I’m not sure I recommend it at full price. It is slightly sticky and nothing really special. If you want a pretty gloss with natural ingredients then it might be worth it to you.

Tinted Lip Balm

  • The Tinted Lip Balms are $4.99. I have the shades Hibiscus and Sweet Violet. I love these so much! Unlike the regular lip balms, these are very moisturizing and so comfortable. They give a beautiful wash of color on the lips and are honestly some of my favorites to grab for on a natural makeup day. I highly recommend them.

Intense Hydration Day Lotion & Night Cream


  • The Intense Hydration Day Lotion is $18.00. You get 1.8 ounces in the bottle. I love this moisturizer. It smells like Clary Sage which is a fresh flower/grass smell that I love but others may not enjoy. It was not irritating on my skin and it did not make my acne flare up. This moisturizer is perfect for very dry and irritated skin. It soothes and really moisturizes while not being greasy. It dries quickly and leaves a slightly tacky feel on the skin. I did notice under some foundation it was a little too moisturizing and could make the makeup ball up or move around. I do highly recommend this but do not pay full price. I always find this cheaper on the WalMart website or Amazon.
  • The Intense Hydration Night Cream is $18.00 and also has 1.8 ounces of product. I love it just as much as the Day Lotion. It basically works the same way but it’s thicker and a bit more moisturizing. I do not recommend this under makeup because it would probably move the products around. As with the Day Lotion, you can get this cheaper so do not pay full price. I highly recommend it.

Renewal Firming Night Cream

thumbnail (20).jpg

  • The Renewal Firming Night Cream is $20.00 and has 1.8 ounces of product. I bought this on a whim when it was on clearance and it’s just okay. It has a pretty strong scent that I do not like and this really burns any irritated or sensitive skin. It does moisturize well but for that price, the scent and the burning I really don’t recommend it.

Sensitive Eye Cream

thumbnail (19).jpg

  • The Sensitive Eye Cream is $15.00 for 0.5 ounces of product. This was another product that I randomly bought on clearance. It works well, is non-irritating and has no scent. However, this hasn’t did anything for my under eyes that a regular moisturizer can’t do. I don’t see myself repurchasing but if you need a sensitive eye cream then I do recommend this one.

That’s all the Burt’s Bees products I’ve been using for the past six months to a year! Some are great and some are just really, really average. Like every brand, they have their hits and misses. If you use anything from the brand tell me what your favorites are or what I should avoid! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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