e.l.f. Cosmetics Make Me Matte Foundation Adjuster Review

I have dry/combo skin so an oil controlling mix in powder would typically not be something I would need. However, my e.l.f. BB Cream has ALWAYS turned my face into an oil slick, no matter what. I really like the coverage of this BB Cream so I didn’t want to give up on it without trying everything possible. I decided to buy e.l.f.’s new Make Me Matte Foundation Adjusting Powder for $8.00.

*Swatches: swatch on the left is the BB Cream mixed with the powder, swatch on the right is just the BB Cream. 

The directions for this powder say to use the included scoop to put a pearl size amount of powder into whatever foundation you’re using. This is NOT a powder to be used for baking or setting foundation. I tried to set my foundation with this, just to experiment with it, and it did absolutely nothing.

I did not notice this powder changing the color of my BB Cream at all. You can see in the swatches above that both look basically identical. It also didn’t change the texture. Best of all, this stuff actually works. This made my unwearable, greasy, sticky BB Cream into something I was able to wear all day. I still had some oil break through around my nose and chin but it was NOTHING like before.

Like I said above, I typically don’t have oily skin so this is the only foundation type product I could try this powder with but I was very impressed. If you have oily skin or a certain foundation makes you oily I really think you should try this. Have you tried this out yet? Do you think it would be good for you? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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