My “Grease” Inspired Palette

A brand called Sola Look is releasing a Grease inspired palette called the “Pink Ladies” palette. I was planning to buy it because I LOVE Grease but then I saw what it actually looks like… It’s $40.00 for ten eyeshadows that are all shimmers and the colors just don’t look like Grease to me. Jen Luvs Reviews, a Youtuber that I really trust, reviewed the palette and not only does it not look impressive, it doesn’t perform well either. So, after all of this I decided to create my own Grease inspired palette.

thumbnail (75)

I was going to buy a bunch of singles but I ended up just using shades from three palettes I already own. I did seven mattes and seven shimmer/satin shades. The palettes I used are all from Coastal Scents. They are the Joli Colibri, Jungle Roar and Charlie Girl. At full price these palettes are $15.00 but they frequently go on sale for as low as $5.00. However, even if you bought all three at full price that’s only $5.00 more than the Sola Look palette for WAY more eyeshadows.

I wanted something fun and colorful with a few darker shades. When I think of Grease I think of pink, black and blue so that’s the majority of what I chose. The orange shade is slightly random but I just thought it fit well with the others. I took pictures of each individual shadow so I’m going to put those below. I even named them because if I was going to design a Grease themed palette, I was going to go all out 🙂

*All of the shadow names will be left to right, top to bottom.

thumbnail (73)

  1. Sandra Dee: shimmery pearl
  2. Too Pure To Be Pink: satin white with a pink shift
  3. Beautiful Blonde Pineapple: matte light yellow
  4. Beauty School Dropout: matte light pink

thumbnail (68)

  1. Pink Ladies: matte true pink
  2. We’ll Always Be Together: fuschia with silver micro-glitter
  3. Hickey From Kenickie: matte orange
  4. Summer Lovin’: shimmery blue

thumbnail (69).jpg

  1. Electrifyin’: matte reddish-pink
  2. Frosty Palace: matte icy blue
  3. Blue Moon: shimmery deep blue
  4. Stranded at the Drive-in: matte gray

thumbnail (70).jpg

  1. Thunder Road: satin deep gray
  2. T-Birds: matte black
  3. All of the shades together.

That’s my version of the Grease palette! I’m actually really excited to put together some looks using these shades. I would love to know what you think! What do you like and dislike about my palette? What shades would you have chosen? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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