Book Review for “The Lightkeeper’s Bride” by Colleen Coble

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Today is a double book post for this week! I usually only do one book review a week but since Wednesday was a blog tour, and for blog tours the books are sent to me for free, I wanted to review another book this week that I purchased myself. That book is The Lightkeeper’s Bride by Colleen Coble. It is book two in the Mercy Falls series; I’ve already reviewed book one, The Lightkeeper’s Daughter. I’ll tell you my thoughts after the synopsis. This review will be spoiler free.


When Katie answers the call of duty, she awakens the call of her heart.

Katie Russell loves working as a telephone operator in Mercy Falls, California. But since childhood she has been expected to marry well. Her family presses for an engagement to wealthy bachelor Bartholomew Foster and though he doesn’t stir her heart, their engagement promises a secure financial future.

Working the phone lines one evening, Katie overhears a chilling exchange between her friend Eliza and a familiar male voice. Katie soon learns that Eliza has disappeared, and the crime may be linked to another investigation by handsome new lighthouse keeper, Will Jesperson. Katie and Will soon form an alliance. An alliance that slowly blossoms into something more.

Despite the danger surrounding her, Katie is powerfully drawn to Will. But she is not at liberty to marry for love. And though society forbids their growing affection, Katie can’t help but notice Will’s sense of peace. It’s a peace that rests on his trust in God—a trust that Katie has never had to depend on, with her future so clearly mapped out before her.

But the more Katie uncovers of the mystery, the more she discovers about herself, her past, and the brilliant future that could be hers if only she has the courage to trust in God and follow where her heart so fearlessly leads.

My Thoughts

I really loved the first book in this series but I don’t quite feel as strongly about this one. To start with, and this is my fault, but I didn’t realize that this book is not about the same characters from the first book. The Lightkeeper’s Bride follows Addie’s (main character from book one) best friend, Katie. It’s not that this story was bad, it just wasn’t quite as attention grabbing as The Lightkeeper’s Daughter. I also don’t feel that the characters were as detailed and I struggled to care about them as much as I did the characters in book one. However, the mystery in this story was just as good as the one in the first book! Colleen Coble does an excellent job writing mysteries with twists you won’t expect. The romance in this book was also just as good as in The Lightkeeper’s Daughter. Overall, I liked this book and I do recommend reading it.

This book is Christian historical fiction, romance and mystery so it’s a clean read suitable for everyone. I’ll be reviewing the last book in this series, The Lightkeeper’s Ball, the week after next. I’d love to know if this book sounds like something you’d enjoy! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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