BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette Review

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I’m going to say right now this highlighter palette was a total impulse purchase… that was so worth it. I had been eyeing the BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette for months but I knew I didn’t need more highlighters. Then one day Ulta had free shipping on all orders, $3.50 off coupon and I had some Ulta points saved up so here we are. This palette at full price is $17.00, so a little less than $3.00 for each highlighter. You get a TON of product in this, 1.37 ounces/39 grams. It would take such a long time to use each one of these highlighters up.

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You get six very different highlighters in this palette. I can use all of them except for the darker brown one, Radiance. I was worried that the darker pink, Allure, might not work for me but with a light hand it is stunning, especially on top of a darker blush. I think my two favorites are Dream and Vivid just because they are so blinding. Ethereal and Glow need to be built up a bit for intense shine but that makes them perfect as more natural highlights. These can slightly enhance skin texture but honestly, every powder highlighter I’ve tried does that. They are all so smooth with no chunky glitter.

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Left to right: Ethereal, Dream, Radiance, Glow, Allure & Vivid
  • Ethereal has a white base with a strong champagne shift.
  • Dream is pure gold.
  • Radiance is a deep bronze, makes a gorgeous eyeshadow on fair skin.
  • Glow is white with a bit of a champagne/gold shift.
  • Allure is a deep rosy/mauve pink.
  • Vivid is a light rosy/mauve pink.


All highlighters basically look the same in pictures so I’m not even sure which highlighter I was wearing in each of these pictures but they’re all from this palette. Look at that glow!

As of right now, these highlighters are my favorite. The formula is phenomenal and I haven’t been reaching for any of my other ones, in fact I decluttered quite a few after getting this. I can’t recommend this palette enough! What is your favorite highlighter formula? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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