Book Review for “Anathema” by Colleen Coble

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I’m not a big fan of mysteries but I do enjoy them when they’re written by Colleen Coble. I’ve reviewed two of her book series, Mercy Falls and Wyoming. I really loved those books so I decided to pick up her stand alone book, Anathema. The two series I mentioned were Christian historical fiction with romance and mystery. Anathema, however, is a contemporary Christian fiction book with mystery and romance. I’ll get into my review after the synopsis. This review will be spoiler free.


When Hannah refuses to forgive a terrible sin she becomes anathema–shunned. But the real question is, can she forgive herself?

Visitors come to Parke County, Indiana to enjoy the lush farms, to buy the Amish quilts, and to experience the peaceful ways of the Amish families who live there. But when a double murder rocks this quiet community, the Amish residents resolve to forgive even this unfathomable offense.

Hannah, however, finds forgiveness out of reach–both for the murderer and for herself. She harbors a secret shame: while the crime was committed in her own home, she was out meeting with her forbidden love, her English beau, Reece.

The elders of the community insist that Hannah must forgive her family’s killer or be shunned. When Hannah refuses, she runs away with Reece, leaving behind the only life she’s ever known.

Years later, Hannah must journey back to the place she no longer calls home. Can she find the forgiveness and belonging she so desperately desires?

My Thoughts

What initially drew me to this book, besides enjoying Coble’s writing, was that it was about the Amish. I love almost any Amish fiction book because I’m so intrigued with their lifestyle. This book had a lot of potential but it just didn’t quite live up to it. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t amazing. It was a relatively quick read, I finished it in one sitting, and I don’t regret reading it. It was fairly fast paced and I wasn’t bored at any point but some parts did drag. I figured out the mystery very early on but there were some twists that I didn’t expect. The characters overall were well written but I really couldn’t stand Hannah’s friend, Asia. Asia was just incredibly rude, annoying and a pretty awful friend. I really didn’t enjoy any part that her character was in. This book was just a very meh read for me. It wasn’t awful but it’s not one I would read again.

If you like Christian mysteries with some romance you’ll probably enjoy this book. As I said above, it’s not a bad read but it’s not one that really impressed me. Coble’s Wyoming series is superior, in my opinion. Does this book sound like one you’d enjoy? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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