Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation, Brightening Setting Spray & Green Color Corrector Review

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I have been trying out some stuff from Hard Candy for around three months. I would have put this review up much sooner but I just had other stuff scheduled to be posted first. However, since I’ve been trying out these products for so long I definitely know what I think about each of them. Hard Candy is only available at WalMart so that’s where I will be linking to. Let’s talk about the foundation first!

* My skin type is combination that tends to be more dry with redness, scarring, acne and large pores.

Glamoflauge Foundation

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The Glamoflauge Foundation is $6.00 for 0.67 ounces. It’s available in sixteen shades and mine is in the shade Vanilla. This is a light shade with a slightly yellow undertone. It is maybe half a shade too light for me and if I get any kind of tan I’ll have to go up a shade. It claims to have a 16 hour wear time, be oil free, be lightweight with full coverage and have a matte finish. It also claims to not to crease, cake or fade. Let’s get into the pros and cons and I’ll let you know if it holds up to those claims.


  • This foundation does have a matte finish but it’s a very skin like matte finish. This didn’t make my skin look overly dry and it didn’t feel dry. It was a very comfortable and lightweight formula.
  • I found this to be extremely long wearing. I have worked out, napped, sweated, etc. all while wearing this foundation and it holds up remarkably well. The only place I ever have oil break through on my face is my nose and I never got oily while wearing this.
  • This foundation has a large, doe foot applicator. This may be a con for some but I like it.
  • This foundation does have a paint like foundation scent but it’s very mild and dissipates right after application.
  • This looks great on fine lines. It will still settle somewhat but nothing like other foundations I’ve tried.
  • This covers redness completely.
  • This did not break out or irritate my skin in any way.


  • This foundation does nothing to hide or diminish pores.
  • This has a super STICKY formula. I hate the way this feels when I first apply it and it definitely has to be set with a powder. The stickiness also makes it harder to blend out.
  • While the coverage of this foundation will be full coverage on a lot of people, it’s not totally full coverage if you have skin issues. I could still see all of my darkness from under eye circles and acne scars. However, the coverage is pretty good and this is only a slight con for me.
  • I wish this had a standard 1 fluid ounce of product instead of 0.67. Even if it was slightly more expensive, it would be more convenient because I wouldn’t go through the bottle as fast.
  • This foundation will pill up if used with the wrong primer. It seems to do fine with any silicone based primer but not water based.

In the above pictures: the first column on the left is my skin with no foundation, second column is my skin with one layer of foundation and third column is with my finished makeup.

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The above picture is another view of my full makeup. I honestly can’t stop wearing this foundation. It is my favorite at the moment and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I do wish the coverage was slightly better on me but with concealer that really isn’t an issue. If you’re looking for a new foundation to try, you should try this one.

Brightening Setting Spray

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The Brightening Setting Spray is $6.00 for 2.2 ounces. It contains Vitamin C and rosewater. It claims to hydrate the skin and set makeup for up to 12 hours. My opinion on this is pretty simple, it’s a good setting spray. It has a very nice sprayer that distributes the product evenly and not in spots. It does have a slight scent that isn’t bad but it’s not pleasant either, however, the smell does dissipate. I think this did a good job setting my makeup but nothing incredible. I’m not sure if I will repurchase this for the sole reason that the e.l.f. Setting Spray performs the exact same and it’s $6.00 for 4.1 ounces, so a better buy. If you want to try this, I don’t think you’d hate it but there are better deals out there.

Color Correct Cushion Wonder

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The CC Cushion Wonder in Green is $6.00 for 0.5 an ounce. Green color correctors are used for redness and this one does the job. It’s a fantastic buy for the amount of product you get and works as well as any other green color corrector I’ve tried. It doesn’t completely cover redness but it does help to camouflage it. I recommend this.

That’s all of my newest purchases from Hard Candy! They’re a brand I tend to overlook but I have been very pleased with what I’ve tried from them recently. Let me know what you think about these products and if there’s any others you’d like to see me review! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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