Profusion Cosmetics Royals Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Profusion Cosmetics is a brand that I’ve wanted to try for awhile but I couldn’t find any of their products near me. I didn’t want to buy enough stuff to reach the $25.00 limit for free shipping on their website so I was really excited when I found the Royals Eyeshadow Palette at TJ Maxx for just $4.00. It’s $5.00 on the website and contains ten shades; four mattes, five metallics and one duochrome. I was absolutely BLOWN away by how good this palette is! I’m going to get into all the pros and cons then show you swatches and three looks I created.


  • This palette is unbelievably affordable for how high quality it is.
  • Even though there are only ten shades, it’s possible to create a wide variety of looks ranging from neutral to bold.
  • The mattes feel dry and don’t swatch the best BUT they are so blendable. They’re pigmented but not so pigmented that they’re intimidating. They’re just very easy to work with.
  • The metallics are gorgeous. They apply best when packed on with a wet brush but this is true for most metallics and shimmers.
  • All of shades had very little fallout or kickup.
  • I personally love the mix of warm and cool toned shades.


  • I would have liked to have one deep, warm, matte shade. The shades Cryptic and Madly apply lighter than they look so it was impossible to create depth in the warmer looks using just this palette. For one of my looks down below, I brought in a deep brown from another palette because the look didn’t feel complete without it.


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These eyeshadows do have names but no shade descriptions so I will describe them to the best of my ability. They go in order from left to right, top row to bottom row.

  • It’s Magic– intense duochrome that has a white base and shifts pink/purple
  • Outshine– metallic maroon
  • Cryptic– matte rusty orange
  • Zenith– metallic intense gold
  • Enigma– matte navy blue
  • Midnight– matte black
  • Madly– matte maroon
  • Spellbind– metallic rusty orange
  • Jade– metallic green
  • Sorcery– metallic silver

Eyeshadow Looks

I primarily used this palette to create the three looks. I did use a cream or white colored eyeshadow to set my primer and for one of the looks I added in a dark brown from the Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette. I will go in the order of the swatches on my hand, left to right and top to bottom. You can click on each picture to see it better.

This look was so quick and easy to do. This is one that I think could have benefited from a deeper shade, at least on the lower lash line, however. For my inner corner, I just used a face highlighter.

  1. I blended Cryptic above my natural crease.
  2. I then blended Madly into my crease and up into Cryptic.
  3. I placed Outshine on the outermost part of my eyelid.
  4. I placed Spellbind in the middle of my eyelid.
  5. I placed Zenith on the innermost part of my eyelid.
  6. I lined my lower lash line with Cryptic and smudged Madly underneath it.

I absolutely loved this look. Sometimes these kind of shades can be difficult to work with but these were not. As you can see, they swatch terribly but look so good on the eyes.

  1. I blended Enigma into the crease. I really concentrated it in the deepest part of the crease to create a gradient. I also placed it on the outermost part of my eyelid.
  2. I placed Sorcery over most of my eyelid.
  3. I used It’s Magic in the inner corner.
  4. I lined my lower lash line with Midnight.

This is the look that I brought in a deep brown for. I really like this look but again, I felt it needed some depth.

  1. I blended Madly above my natural crease and then blended the deep brown shade into my crease and up into Madly.
  2. I placed Jade all over my eyelid.
  3. I used Zenith in the inner corner.
  4. I lined my lower lash line with the deep brown shade and then smudged Madly underneath it.

If it’s not obvious, I highly recommend this palette. I honestly prefer it over my Juvia’s Place or Colourpop palettes. The eyeshadows aren’t as intensely pigmented, like most Juvia’s Place eyeshadows, so they’re easier to work with and they’re not crumbly, like most Colourpop eyeshadows. Profusion Cosmetics is also a much more affordable brand. I did order the Smoky and Spectrum Eyeshadow Palettes so keep an eye out for those reviews over the next few months. Does this look like a palette you’d be interested in? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Profusion Cosmetics Royals Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. Alice

    I actually get most excited when I hear mattes don’t swatch as well – the heavily pigmented ones are definitely harder to work with! And the looks you made are absolutely stunning! I’m now mad at myself for passing this brand up when I’ve seen it at TJ Maxx haha. Next time for sure! 😂

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