A Simple Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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I’ve been wanting to add more lifestyle content and recipes here on the blog so I decided to start with a simple peanut butter cookie recipe. I can’t take full credit for this recipe because I found it online and unfortunately, I have no idea where I found it. I’m not going to give any kind of nutritional info because that will totally depend on what ingredients you choose to use. This recipe only has three or four ingredients and you can customize it to be as healthy, or unhealthy, as you want. Let’s make some cookies!

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  • 1 Cup of Creamy Peanut Butter 
  • 1 Cup of Sugar or Artificial Sweetener 
  • 1 Egg
  • Chocolate Chips (optional)

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  1. Preheat oven to 350° F (175° C). 
  2. Mix the peanut butter, egg, sugar and chocolate chips in a bowl. 
  3. Roll cookie dough into balls and press them onto a baking sheet lined in parchment paper. 
  4. Bake in oven for 6-8 minutes. 
  5. Let cool and then enjoy!

Final Thoughts:

I’ve made these cookies multiple times, with the chocolate chips and without. They’re so easy to make and delicious but they are more fragile than regular cookies. I find they hold up the best after being in the refrigerator over night. Also, be aware that artificial sweeteners can cause stomach aches; why I prefer to use sugar. Let me know if you plan to try this recipe and if you’d like to see more content like this from me! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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