Lorac Hustle and Glow Baked Bronze & Highlight Palette Review

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It’s summertime. The time of year where we all want to look bronzed and glowy… or at least that’s what we wanted before Covid made it impossible to go anywhere. However, if you’re still wanting that perfect bronze glow while you sit at home, today’s review is for you.

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The Lorac Hustle and Glow Baked Bronze and Highlight Palette is $25.00 for four shades; two matte bronzers and two highlighters. If you have fair skin, the deepest highlighter could also be used as a shimmery bronzer. I’m very new to using bronzer and typically wouldn’t have purchased a full palette just to learn with but it was on sale for around $12.00. I figured that was worth it even if I only used the highlighters. I’m so glad that I bought this, though, because it has been the PERFECT palette for me to experiment with. I now own four bronzers and so far, the ones in this palette are my favorites. 

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The formula for both the highlighters and the bronzers is incredible. It is baked and sometimes baked formulas can look dry on the skin but I didn’t have that issue with any of these. They’re all blendable and pigmented but more on the buildable side, which is great for face products. Technically, I can only use the lightest highlighter and bronzer on my face. I was able to use the deepest highlighter by applying it with a light hand and mixing it with the lightest highlighter. Someone with fair skin that is more skilled than I am could probably use the deepest bronzer as an actual bronzer but I preferred to use it on the eyes or as a blush/bronzer combo. Even with my fair skin, I was able to use every shade in some way.

The only con is the packaging. It’s a box that is WAY too big and the lid won’t stay open on its own. It’s very frustrating but I’m willing to work with it. 

In the picture on the left, I’m wearing the lightest highlighter on my face and both highlighters on my eyes. In the middle picture, I’m wearing both highlighters and the lightest bronzer on my face. In the picture on the right, I’m wearing the deepest bronzer as a blush/bronzer combo and both highlighters on my face. In the same picture on my eyes, I used the lightest bronzer in my crease, deepest highlighter on my lid and lightest highlighter in my inner corner.

*Side note, I do own plenty of shirts and didn’t realize I was wearing the same one for two of these pictures, lol. 

Final Thoughts:

I think it’s pretty obvious that I really love and recommend this palette. If you don’t think you can use every shade or if you’re like me and want to save money, buy it on sale. Lorac has 50% off sales at least twice a year. What is your favorite bronzer? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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