Colourpop Making Mauves Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Colourpop releases palettes at such a rapid pace that I don’t event attempt to review what’s new and relevant. When it comes to them, I tend to wait months after a new release just to make sure they’re not going to release something even better. One palette that I had wanted since it released was the Making Mauves. I finally decided to pick it up and I’m glad that I did. It’s a $14.00, cool toned palette with nine shades: five mattes, three metallics and one matte with glitter. Let’s talk pros and cons!

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  • I absolutely love this color story! Mauves are some of my favorite shades to wear.
  • The shades in this palette tend to lean more cool toned purple and gray rather than pink, which I prefer. I’m not a huge fan of warmer, pink toned mauves. The only exception is A La Mode, the middle metallic, but it’s not too pink. 
  • All of the mattes, except one, are great. I honestly think they’re the best I’ve tried from Colourpop so far. They’re pigmented. blendable and have almost no fallout. 
  • The metallics are INTENSELY shimmery and beautiful. 
  • The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure and no mirror. 


  • The metallic shades have quite a bit of fallout. They need to be applied wet and with a flat brush or finger.
  • Around the shade Mauve on Top, the packaging has became discolored and yellowed. This isn’t a con for the actual performance of the palette but it’s like some kind of oil from the shadow itself has seeped out into the cardboard. It’s very odd and the first time I’ve noticed one of their shadows doing this. 
  • When the mattes are blended together, they tend to look gray. This is especially true for the deepest shade, Marquee. It will lose its deep purple color when blended with anything else. 
  • Marquee is not the easiest to blend. 
  • The shades Solitaire and Tongue Tied look very similar on the eyes.

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Look at that gorgeous shimmer and shine! Picture was taken with flash.

Swatches & Shade Descriptions:

These eyeshadows do have names and shade descriptions on the website so I’m going to copy them below. I’ll be going from left to right, top row to bottom row.

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  • R&R– pale muted matte pink
  • Solitaire– soft matte mauve
  • Big Moves– soft matte lilac
  • Bicoastal– metallic pink ivory
  • A La Mode– metallic mauve with silver and copper shimmer
  • Mauve on Top– metallic icy rose
  • Tongue Tied– matte mauve with silver and violet glitter
  • Marquee– muted matte plum
  • Big Fig– mid-tone dusty lavender

Eyeshadow Looks:

I created two looks using primarily this palette alone. I always use the Profusion Eyeshadow Primer and set my primer with a cream colored shade. When explaining the looks, I will go in the order of the swatches on my wrist; left to right and top to bottom. You can click on the pictures to see them better. Since these eyeshadows do have names, I won’t be describing where they are in the palette or what they look like.

I wore this look for my baby shower and was very happy with how it turned out. I did use the shade Champagne from the Lorac Effortless Glamour Mini Palette in my inner corner for just some extra sparkle.

  1. I set my primer with R & R.
  2. I blended Big Moves above my natural crease and lightly into it.
  3. I deepened my crease with Big Fig and applied it onto the outer part of my lid. 
  4. I applied Mauve on Top over the rest of my lid.
  5. I applied Bicoastal in my inner corner and on my brow bone, along with the shade from Lorac.
  6. I smudged Marquee on my lower lash line.

This is my favorite look that I created with the palette. It ended up being much more gray than I expected but I already mentioned that in the cons section. 

  • I set my primer with R & R and applied it on my waterline.
  • I blended Solitaire above my natural crease. 
  • I blended Tongue Tied into my crease.
  • I deepened my crease with Marquee. I also applied it on the outermost part of my lid and smudged it on my lower lash line. 
  • I applied A La Mode on my lid.
  • I applied Bicoastal in my inner corner and on my brow bone.

Brushes Used:

If you are curious about any of the other products on my face, you can find these looks in my recent posts on Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very pretty palette but do you need it? Not really. The shades are great but there’s only so many looks you can get from a palette like this. However, if you’ve been searching for mauvey cool tones, this is the palette for you. Let me know what you think about it! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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