Too Faced is Once Again a Disappointment: Review for the Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette


Too Faced is not a brand I buy from often and each time I do, I’m reminded why that is. They are consistently mediocre and over priced. However, I am a sucker for a good deal so when the Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette was on sale for $12.00, I grabbed it. This palette is regularly $44.00…


It’s worth the $12.00 I paid for it but I would literally NEVER pay the full amount. That doesn’t mean this palette is bad, just overpriced for what it is. I do like it well enough. It has very nice, weighted packaging with a snap closure and a mirror. The products inside smell like delicious peaches which adds to my personal enjoyment. The palette contains four shades that can be used on the face or eyes and used wet or dry. There are two blushes and two highlighters.


From left to right, there is: Peach Pearl, Sugared Peach, Peach Honey and Peach Pop. Peach Pearl is a champagne highlighter. Sugared Peach is a primarily matte peach blush but it does contain micro glitter; the glitter does blend away. Peach Honey is a peachy bronze highlighter. Last but not least, Peach Pop is a pink blush with an intense peachy gold shift.

In the first two pictures, I used the palette on my face and eyes. I’m wearing Peach Pop mixed with Sugared Peach as my blush and Peach Pearl as my highlighter. I’m wearing Peach Honey on my eyelids and Peach Pearl in my inner corners. In the last picture, I’m wearing Peach Pop as my blush and Peach Pearl as my highlighter.

This palette is objectively pretty but it’s just so bland. The formula is more on the dry side and I found that all of the shades really clung to texture. The shades themselves are nothing unique and you can find them a million times over at better price points. Both highlighters and the Peach Pop blush have also developed hard pan after only a few months. If you like the look of this palette and for some reason really want it, wait until it goes on sale.

Final Thoughts:

I really don’t think Too Faced is the brand for me. I’m not saying I’ll never try anything from them again but I have no desire to right now. I would like to know, however, if you have any holy grail products from them. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Too Faced is Once Again a Disappointment: Review for the Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette

  1. I haven’t been impressed by two faced in a while. They seem to have two types of formulas, one really good but also one that’s really bad. It’s not worth it to gamble 30 dollars every time they release something. Great post.

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