June Wrap Up!


June was kind of a garbage month for me. I, along with my husband and baby, spent most of the month sick. I also fell into a MAJOR reading and makeup slump. I just wasn’t interested in any of it and for the first time ever, I put up no book reviews. Thankfully, we’re all feeling much better and I’m in the mood to do the things I love again. Let’s talk about what I hope to accomplish in July!


To get out of my reading slump, I wanted a book that was easy to read and that I didn’t have to really concentrate on. I settled on Dancing on Coals by Ellen O’ Connell. It’s a Western historical romance and it was exactly the more “fluffy” kind of read that I wanted. I’ll have a review up for it this week. I also want to get back into the Lords of the Two Lands trilogy by Pauline Gedge. I have reviewed the first book, The Hippopotamus Marsh, and I plan to read the other two this month. I also do shorter reviews exclusively on my Goodreads for random books so if you’re interested in that, follow me there.

💄Makeup & Skincare: 

I went from not wanting to wear makeup at all for like two months to wanting to buy and wear everything I can get my hands on😅 I have so many new products to test out but this month there will be reviews for the Burt’s Bees Cream Eyeshadow, Colourpop The Child Eyeshadow Palette and the Undone Beauty Curator Eye Palette in Soul. I’m going to review my Undone Beauty palettes separately from all the other stuff I’ve been trying from the brand BUT I hopefully will have reviews for all of it up soon. I’m also playing around with the BH Cosmetics Glowing in Greece Face Palette and many, many other products. The best way to see what I’m trying is by following my Instagram.

🏡Lifestyle & Bonus Posts:


I actually put up a pretty lengthy post in June all about my newborn essentials on a budget. I really loved writing that post and I want to do more like it soon. I don’t have any specific plans for July content but I may come up with something. Let me know what lifestyle related topics you’d like to see!

💕Thank you!


Thank you all for reading and interacting with what I do here and on all my other social medias! I reached 894 followers this month so I’m hoping I can hit 900 in July🥰 Along with following me here, you can also follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreads or Pinterest. I hope you all had a better June than I did and that you have an even better July! Thanks for reading!

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