November Wrap Up! (And What I Bought on Black Friday)


I hope you all had a great November and Thanksgiving; if you celebrate it. I feel like this month flew by and I can’t believe that there is just one more month left of this year. I am going to attempt to post three days a week in December. I have SO many book and beauty reviews, plus my annual favorites, that I want to put up. I’m not sure if that will happen since this is literally the busiest month of the year but I’m going to try. With that, let’s talk about what I hope to do in December!



The upcoming month is going to be dedicated to nothing but Christmas related books; primarily historical romances. I have already reviewed Miracle on Ladies’ Mile by Joanna Shupe and it was fantastic. I’m not sure if I’ll get every book pictured above read and reviewed but I’m going to try. I recommend following my Goodreads because some reviews may only go up there. Let me know if there’s any holiday books I absolutely need to read!


The main products I want to review in December are the Undone Beauty Curator Eye Palette in Bare, the Lorac Fairytale Forest Palette and all of the Catrice products pictured above. These are what I plan to focus on but I’m hoping to fit in some bonus reviews. I’ll also be doing my annual favorites. I think I’m going to keep it simplified and just split everything into two different posts, focusing on the best of the best.

I did buy some makeup on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and I’m going to share what I got below. I will link to everything but I only have screenshots because nothing has arrived yet. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see reviewed first!

💕Thank you!


I pray that you all are having a wonderful and healthy holiday season. Thank you so much for interacting with me on the internet in whatever way you do! Feel free to follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook or Goodreads. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

⭐I know that I always include my pets in the picture collage but there were just too many cute pictures of my son this month😅

2 thoughts on “November Wrap Up! (And What I Bought on Black Friday)

  1. marahorner

    I’m so excited, I ordered Passion in Paris and Truffle blush, too! They have a crazy sale today, and I ordered the Doja Cat palette. I’m excited for the color story!

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