e.l.f. Reviews with Quite a Few Flops😬


I love e.l.f. and many of my favorite products are from them BUT not everything they release works for me. Out of the products I’m reviewing today, about half of them were flops so let’s talk about it!


The Puff Puff Primer is $8.00 and you get one ounce of product. It’s packaged in a squeeze tube bottle with a pump. It contains hemp seed oil, vitamin A and vitamin C. It claims to soothe and hydrate the skin.

I hate this primer. It feels great on the skin and I definitely think it offers some hydration, but it is so STICKY. I could barely blend my foundation on top of this primer. I had to use a brush and literally drag the foundation across my skin; which of course caused it to clump up in some areas. This primer went straight to the trash.

The Matte Oil Control Primer is $10.00 and you get one ounce of product. It’s packaged in a squeeze tube bottle. It contains kaolin clay and tea tree oil to help control shine and clarify the skin.

Unlike the Puff Puff Primer, this one is pretty close to prefect. It helps keep me matte in my oily T-zone, blurs pores and just boosts any foundation I pair with it. This is now my go to primer and I really recommend it.

The Primer Infused Blushes are $6.00 and I own almost all of them but my newest, and the one pictured here, is Always Punchy; a beautiful fair pink shade. These blushes have such an excellent formula. They’re creamy, blendable and pigmented. You can see some of the others I own here.

The Bite Size Brow Quad is $3.00 and I have the Neutral Brown option. It contains two gels and two powders. In the picture above, I used the dark brown and clear gels; along with my Wow Brow Gel in Neutral Brown.

I like the idea of this quad but I couldn’t fully test it out. I chose the shade option Neutral Brown because that’s what I use in the Wow Brow Gel but for some reason, the powders in this quad pull really warm. For me to actually be able to use one of these quads, I think I would need either the Dark Brown or Black options. I do recommend this but just be aware, if you use the Wow Brow Gel, that the shades might not be the same.


The Lash it Loud Travel Mascara is $4.00 and I’m not sure how much product it contains because e.l.f. does not provide that info anywhere… This mascara claims to be volumizing and has a flexible, rubber bristle wand.

I do not like this mascara at all. My first issue is with the wand. It is so big that it’s almost impossible to use. My second issue is with the formula. I didn’t take a picture of my lashes after using this because it looked so bad that I just took it off. It’s a very clumpy, wet formula that just didn’t do it for me. Honestly, skip e.l.f. mascaras altogether and go get a good one from Covergirl. You’ll pay around the same amount of money but get more product and a better formula.

I generally like e.l.f.’s lip products and most of these are no exception. First is the Jelly Pop Lucious Lip Mask. This is $6.00 and again, e.l.f. doesn’t provide the amount included. It contains watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid and vegan collage. It is pretty strongly scented like watermelon. I really like this lip mask but I went through it extremely fast. If you want basically the same thing but cheaper and with more product, try the ShopMissA Jellijam Lip Sleeping Mask for $1.55.

I’ve tried the SRSLY Satin Lipsticks before and I really like the formula. They are $3.00 apiece and my newest shades, pictured above, are Taffy and Raspberry. Taffy is pink and Raspberry is hot red. I actually really hate the Raspberry shade because on the website, it looks like, well, a raspberry color instead of a super bright red. I plan to declutter it. Anyways, as the name would imply, these lipsticks have a satin finish. They’re comfortable on the lips but not hydrating. They’re also not particularly long lasting and will transfer. They are just good, basic lipsticks. You can see the others I own here.


Last but not least is the Lip Plumping Gloss in Mauve Lady. These glosses are $6.00 and I LOVE them. They have a thick, opaque formula but they’re not sticky. They do slightly tingle, like all plumping glosses, but it’s not painful and does go away. As for actually plumping my lips, I didn’t really notice a difference. This is simply a pretty gloss that lasts quite awhile on the lips. You can see some of the other shades I own here.

Final Thoughts:

That is everything for this small e.l.f. haul! If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know what you think about them. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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