Half Caked Makeup Candy Paint Cheek Tint Review


I was scrolling through my Instagram discover page and saw a picture of a gorgeous cream blush in a cute heart compact. I was curious, clicked on the picture and discovered Half Caked Makeup. I hadn’t heard of them before and if you haven’t either, they are an indie brand that sells very reasonably priced, vegan and clean makeup.


I ended up buying three of the Candy Paint Cheek + Lip Tints; two blushes, 4 AM and Yacht Week, and one highlighter, Sugar Cookie. They are $9.00 apiece and you get 0.17 ounces of product. They are packaged in a sturdy, plastic heart with a magnetic closure and a mirror. The formula is the same for all three products. These are creams and they are indeed very creamy. They do not have a stiff formula and are easy to apply with a finger or brush. The blushes were not overly pigmented but could be built up. The highlighter is technically a champagne shade, but it doesn’t have a ton of base pigment. It leaves more of just a glow on the skin, rather than a color. I personally love this about it because it can work with any look. All three products leave a dewy glow but do not contain glitter.

My only slight complaint with these products is that they don’t fully dry down. They do stay somewhat tacky feeling throughout the day and that’s not something I love. However, they have a fantastic wear time and I didn’t notice any fading or transfer. Now, let’s look at swatches!

4 AM is described as a slightly warm toned soft mauve. I personally feel that it leans more red than a typical, cool toned mauve but that’s fine with me. This was the first product I bought from the brand and I loved it so much that I had to buy the other two. It’s an absolutely beautiful color and I feel that it looks like a natural blush on my skin tone.

Yacht Week is described as a natural, healing sunburn. I agree with that description. This blush is a mix of red and brown and is, in my opinion, a lighter version of 4 AM. I really love it but I might would have chosen another color if I would have known how similar to 4 AM it would be on me.

Last but not least is Sugar Cookie and it is described as ultra-fine shimmers in an incandescent dewy finish. I completely agree with that, especially the ultra-fine shimmers because I can’t even see them. This highlighter is one of my new favorites. I love the glow it gives my face and it also looks really pretty in the inner corners.

Final Thoughts:

I am so, so happy with everything I bought from Half Caked Makeup. Their shipping was also super fast; I think I got my orders within two days😲 I will definitely be buying more in the future. Have you tried anything from the brand? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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