Half Caked Makeup Candy Paint Bronzer & Cheek Tint Reviews


Half Caked Makeup has become my go to for cream cheek products. Back in the summer, I reviewed three of their Candy Paint Cheek + Lip Tints: 4 AM, Yacht Week and Sugar Cookie; you can see those reviews here. I wanted to pick up a couple more things so I bought the Cheek Tint in American Pie and Cream Bronzer in Coolness.


These products are $10.00 apiece (they’ve went up $1.00 since the summer🙃) and you get 0.17 ounces of product. They are packaged in a sturdy, plastic heart with a magnetic closure and a mirror. The formula is the same for both products and the same as the previous ones I’ve reviewed. They are very creamy and easy to apply with a finger or brush. The blush is the most pigmented one I’ve tried so far but it can be sheered out easily. The bronzer is also easy to work with but I bought it primarily to use as a lipstick. Both products leave a dewy glow but do not contain glitter.

My only slight complaint with this formula is it doesn’t fully dry down. They stay somewhat tacky feeling throughout the day and that’s not something I love. However, they have a fantastic wear time on the cheeks and I didn’t notice any fading or transfer. They don’t last as long on the lips because of their creamy formula but the American Pie shade leaves a lovely stain behind. Now, let’s look at swatches!

Coolness is described as a cool toned, medium bronzer and I agree with that description. However, since the formula is so easy to sheer out, even fair skin tones like mine can wear it on the face. I really loved it on the lips, though. It’s a beautiful shade for fall.

American Pie is described as a classic candy apple red and that’s exactly what it is. This shade can really pack a punch and would be gorgeous on deeper skin tones. I had to really sheer it out on my face and lips because it was so bright but I think it’s worth working with. 

Final Thoughts:

As before, I’m very happy with my purchase from Half Caked Makeup. Have you tried anything from the brand? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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