What I Bought During the November Sales!


Like most people, I’ve been doing a little shopping over the past month… well, a lot of shopping. I thought it would be fun to share what I chose to buy. I did go into the sales with a plan and a budget. There was only one purchase that was a pure impulse buy but I’ll talk about that more below. I’m not going to list the price of everything I bought but I spent around $195.00 altogether. I know that that is a chunk of money, but I started saving months ago so I could go a little wild in November😅 Most of my purchases haven’t arrived yet so for those, I have screenshots instead of pictures. Let’s talk about books first!


Thriftbooks was offering 15% off all used books over $5.00. I didn’t realize that one of my books didn’t qualify for the discount until after I had paid but the other two did. I bought Deerskin by Robin McKinley, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland. I wasn’t really impressed with any other book sales so these were the only ones I bought.


My single eyeshadow collection has really grown so I bought two new empty magnetic palettes, this one from Tarte and this one from Colourpop. I was able to get them both for $8.00 with free shipping and I felt that was a really good deal.

After trying the Game of Thrones 3 Eyed Raven Palette from Makeup Revolution, I wanted the other two in the collection, Winter is Coming and Mother of Dragons. I got them for around $10.00 apiece because I had a coupon code. Without a discount code, they were $14.00, which is what they’ve been for like two months. I also bought the Fix & Glow Primer and Lustre Highlighter. I don’t remember what I paid for either but it was a small discount. I really wasn’t that impressed with Makeup Revolution’s sale and if I hadn’t been planning to buy the palettes, I wouldn’t have placed an order.


This isn’t everything I bought from ShopMissA but the rest of the order was brushes and things like that. I really wanted to try the new Fly With Me Lip Crayons and get another shade of my favorite highlighter formula, the Glow Within Illuminating Powder.

I placed two Ulta orders. The first had some skincare, Christmas gifts and three lippies from NYX. I wanted another shade of my absolute favorite lipstick formula, the Lip Lingerie Push Up, and a couple of new Butter Glosses. Everything in the second order, except the palette and nail polish, were repurchases of products I’ve used up. I bought the Sally Hansen Polish so I could get free shipping and the Morphe No Silent Nights Eyeshadow Palette was a total impulse buy. I haven’t used Morphe in years but I love the color story of this palette and for that price, I wanted to try it.


Last but not least were these single shadows from Looxi Beauty. I have been using my singles so much lately and I’m planning a ton of content with them for the upcoming year.

Final Thoughts:

Reviews and swatches for all of this will be coming over the next few months but as always, you can see everything first on my Instagram. Please let me know what you bought because I’m nosy😂 Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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