A Lovely Christmas 2016

I wanted to post just a short blog today. I hope that wherever you are and how you celebrate that you had a wonderful Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My Christmas weekend was filled with a lot of family, being lazy and eating until I couldn’t hold anymore. I cooked Christmas dinner for the first time and it actually was delicious,surprisingly. We’re not  finished with the Christmas festivities just yet. Tomorrow we are having dinner with the in-laws. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again but probably Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment Tuesday that I’m dreading. I have to have dye put into my fallopian tubes and an x-ray taken of them. It’s going to be as fun as it sounds but this is part of the joy of infertility treatments. So I doubt I’ll feel like doing any kind of review that day. As you can see above I’ve got some new makeup and I have quite a few books that you’ll be seeing reviews of over the next few weeks. I think that covers it for this Christmas day. Thank you for reading and have a blessed evening!

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