Book Review of “Gilt” by Katherine Longshore

Let me start this review by saying that I do have other books to review besides historical fiction. The book I’m reviewing today, Gilt, is historical fiction and I know that that’s the majority of what I’ve reviewed, but I just finished it and I couldn’t resist reviewing it while it was fresh on my mind.

Gilt is by Katherine Longshore. I had never heard of this before but I came across it for $2.00 in Ollie’s, huge retail store with everything from books to house wares, and it seemed interesting so I picked it up. I am so glad that I did. The story is set in the court of King Henry VIII, the one that had six wives, and follows the life of his final wife, Catherine Howard and her best friend, Kitty Tylney. Catherine was only sixteen or seventeen when she married Henry and she ended up losing her title as Queen and much more within sixteen months. The book follows history seamlessly. As in, if you know what happened to Catherine Howard in real life you know what happens to her throughout this book. Luckily, I didn’t know too much about her so there was some surprises and since Kitty Tylney is based on a mostly unknown woman in history her role in the story is very interesting.

This story is sad for many reasons but most of all because it’s based on real events. You can’t help but feel sorry for these young, immature teenage girls as they try to make it in a very difficult period in history. I loved how the author ended the book.Endings, to me, can make or break a good story. I won’t spoil it because I think you should read it for yourself and this one is worth reading. I hope this helped you choose a new book to read! Have a great day!

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