Book Review of “Rosebush” by Michele Jaffe


One of my guilty pleasures is watching movies on the over-dramatic Lifetime channel. What can I say? I love the drama, just not in my real life.  Rosebush by Michele Jaffe is a Lifetime movie in book form. This makes for an entertaining, but unrealistic, read.

The main character of the book is the super popular and gorgeous Jane Freeman. After going to a wild teenage party filled with drugs and alcohol she wakes up in a rosebush, paralyzed and with no memory of what happened. The main plot revolves around her being in the hospital and her memory coming back piece by piece as each of her friends visit her. At the end we discover the dramatic “twist” (that you literally see coming from a mile away) and then everybody lives happily ever after.

This book was average but had its good moments. This is the kind of book you take with you on vacation to pass the time. It is a very quick read with simple characters. There’s not a lot of depth to any of the main characters, which is a negative for me. This book has every stereotype about popular teenagers you can think of. You’ve got the drugs, alcohol, wild parties, sex and backstabbing friends. Not to mention the main character is basically flawless and every guy loves her. It’s just my personal preference, but I like characters with flaws and with less than perfect looks. I enjoy relatability and realism.

That’s basically it. This story is very simple. If you want a quick and dramatically entertaining read then this is for you. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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