TV Series Review of “Versailles” Season 1

versaillesI decided to do something a little different and review/recommend a TV show that I found on Netflix. I really don’t watch much TV but when I find a show that I like I tend to binge watch, finish it in like two days and then be super sad that it’s over. I was looking for a historical drama to watch because just like historical fiction is my favorite genre of books, the same is true for TV. I found the wonderful gem that is Versailles. The show aired at the beginning of last year, I think, in France, Britain and Canada but didn’t come to the USA until the end of last year. I found it in January and finished the ten episode first season in about three days. I was hooked.

versailles 2

To summarize, the show begins in 1667 in France with King Louis XIV. He decided to move the royal court from Paris to Versailles despite the protests of everyone around him. From there you see his nobles plot and scheme behind his back, his many (and I mean many) love affairs and get to know his very troubled brother, Philippe I, Duke of Orleans. There is a lot of drama, scheming and back stabbing, which is obviously very entertaining.


The cast of this show is amazing and unbelievably gorgeous. I was also very surprised at how historically accurate it was. This was a troubled period in France’s history with a very troubled royal family. With that being said, Versailles would probably not be good for all audiences. There is a lot of nudity, sex, homosexulaity and torture so maybe not the best choice to watch with the kids. If you loved this show as much as I did you’re probably wondering when you can see more of it. From what I have seen season two will be released on Netflix sometime around September of this year and Versailles has also been picked up for a third season. I’m happy that there will be more seasons but so disappointed that I have to wait that long. In the meantime I would love to find some other historical Netflix shows so let me know what your favorites are! Also, let me know if you’ve seen Versailles and what you thought. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “TV Series Review of “Versailles” Season 1

  1. Evangelina

    I saw it too and loved it. It is incredibly well done and gives Versailles “a face”. I am looking forward for season 2 and I hope nothing happens to the young son who was kidnapped towards the the end.


      1. Evangelina

        If you liked this series, you might like “Reign” too. The story about Mary Queen of Scots on the french court. Very well done and pretty addicting.


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