The March Wrap Up!

goodbye march.jpg

March has been a much better month for me than February was. You may have noticed I haven’t been quite as active on here and that is for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I joined a gym. I finally got the nerve up and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. I typically go five days a week and as of right now I’ve lost eight pounds. I worked out a total of five times last month and I was determined to change that so I worked out sixteen times this month! To some that might not be a lot but it is quite an improvement for me.

Titan amazed by the coffee maker, like I am every morning.

The second reason that I have been less active on here is that I’ve been buying less makeup and skin care products. This obviously gives me less to review as far as those things go. I love makeup and I have plenty of new stuff lined up to tell you about but I’ve stopped constantly buying new things. It’s simply wasteful when I honestly only wear makeup two or three times a week. However, like I said, I will still be reviewing makeup, lotions, body washes, etc. just at a more spaced out pace.

My newest picture that I am in love with!

This brings me to my plans for April. I’m really wanting to review more books, movies and TV series. Typically I can read one book within a week so I hope to have at least one book review up every week, basically what I’ve been doing. The movies and TV series will be more spaced out but I’m really enjoying expanding what I review. Some that I have already reviewed is Versailles Season 1 and Reign Season 1.  Check those out if you’re interested and I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about this!

I’ve also had an idea for another series, if you can call it that, of posts I want to start putting up. There is many actors/actresses, writers and Youtubers that inspire me. I like to support unique, creative, kind and generous people. I very strongly believe that we as a society should stop making stupid people famous. So, I would like to dedicate one or two posts a week to a different person. Obviously, this blog isn’t large enough to help their career but it may help you discover something or somebody new. I really would love suggestions for this. The person doesn’t have to be famous already, just meet the criteria above.

Lastly, I want to thank every one of you that has liked, commented on or followed this blog. I can not believe in three months it has grown to over thirty people! That simply amazes me. I hope that you all continue to give me feedback and suggest things for me to review, read or watch. Let me know what you want to see! Also, I have InstagramTwitter and Facebook accounts where you can see everything I post. Well I believe that is everything. I hope that your March was wonderful and that your April will be even better. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

The wreath I made for Easter. Hello April!



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