Book Review of “Star Cursed” and “Sisters’ Fate” by Jessica Spotswood


At the end of January I reviewed the first book in The Cahill Witch ChroniclesBorn WickedI recently purchased and read the final two books in the series, Star Cursed and Sisters’ Fate. I decided to review these together because I really don’t have much to say about the second book. If you haven’t read this series and just want  a general summary without any spoilers, check out my link above to Born Wicked. 


Book two, Star Cursed, picks up directly where Born Wicked left off. Cate Cahill has been forced to join the Sisterhood because she might be the prophesied oracle. I don’t want to spoil too much but eventually Cate’s younger sisters, Maura and Tess, have to join her at the Sisterhood for their safety. To be honest, which I always am, I didn’t care for book two. It’s not that it was bad. It was just as well written as the first, but like the first, it was somewhat dull. I felt like it was more of a “filler” story. Its only purpose is really just to bridge book one and book three and introduce new characters. We do meet quite a few new people in New London and Cate starts to develop into a stronger character but I feel like Star Cursed could have been split between Born Wicked and Sisters’ Fate. Regardless, book two is necessary to understand the full story.

Book three, Sisters’ Fate, was my favorite of the series. Maura and Cate’s relationship took a turn for the worst at the end of book two when Maura erased all of Finn’s memories of his relationship with Cate. We also find out that Tess, not Cate, is the prophesied oracle. Tensions really mount in this book and there ends up being an all out war between the Sisterhood and Brotherhood. Not to mention a main character death, which is always sad. I was very pleased with how the series ended. It’s bittersweet but nicely concludes everything.

I would recommend this series. In my review of Born Wicked I said that this is a fantasy series with sprinkles of historical fiction and I still feel that way; if that interests you you would probably like these. I look forward to seeing what else Jessica Spotswood comes up with it. Let me know if you’ve read this series or if it sounds interesting to you! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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