Movie Review of “The Ruins”


Before I really get into this review I want to say that you should probably go read my book review of The Ruins by Scott Smith before reading this. This isn’t just a movie review it’s also a comparison between the book and movie. This will be filled with spoilers.

Movies based on books are usually not good, to say the least. Unfortunately, this one was no exception. I’m not going to go into the plot because it has the same plot as the book (obviously), so again, go read my review of that, if you haven’t. I think the best way to list all my problems with this movie is a bullet list, that’s how you know I’m about to really complain haha.

My Issues

  • They swapped around almost all of the deaths. They killed off Pablo (Dimitri) as soon as they got to the hill, one of the Mayans shot him in the head. Then they gave Pablo’s book death to Mathias. They gave Eric’s book death to Stacy. Mathias’ book death to Eric. Jeff’s death is left the same, just in a different situation.
  • If you’re wondering, that just leaves Amy. In the book, Amy is the first to die. In the movie, they let her escape. Part of the shocking brutality of the book is that no one survives so they ruined that in the movie.
  • The whole thing felt rushed. I know they couldn’t fit in every detail into an hour and a half long movie but they left out SO much. In the book they’re on the hill for four or five days, I think. In the movie they’re there maybe three at the most. That is a very short amount of time to kill off that many people and tell a backstory.
  • If you love the gore in the book you’ll be disappointed with this movie. I’m not a gore fan so this didn’t bother me but they basically cut out all of the gore.
  • There isn’t much information or backstory given about any of the characters so you don’t care about them as much as the book characters. If you watched this movie without reading the book you would literally know almost nothing about any of them.

This movie was just a very bad adaptation of a really good book, which is a shame. I would love to see this movie re-done and lengthened but I’m sure that won’t happen. If I hadn’t read the book maybe I would have liked it more. If you’ve seen this movie let me know what you thought about it, especially if you’ve read the book. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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