Book Review of “The Luxe” by Anna Godbersen


Have you ever came across a book that looks vaguely interesting but not enough so for you to actually purchase it? That’s how I’ve been for years about The Luxe by Anna Godbersen and I really regret that now. This book was wonderful. It’s number one in a series of four (I have the next three ordered and on the way) and it is a romance/loose historical fiction story. What I mean by that is it’s fairly accurate to its historical setting but there is some modern details, if that makes sense. This book is in the Young Adult genre.

*No  Spoilers*

The Plot

The year is 1899 and at the turn of the century wealthy sisters, Elizabeth and Diana Holland, are two of the most privileged in upper class Manhattan.  They’ve always lived a life of luxury until they lose their father. Much to the surprise of their mother, they learn that their father left behind nothing but debt. Suddenly their life and social standing in the town depends on keeping up appearances and marrying wealthy men. However, Elizabeth and Diana have minds, and love interests, of their own. Will the young women do what their mother and society think is best or will they choose their own fate?

*Slight Spoilers*

My Thoughts

I’m not sure what kept me from buying this book for so many years. Possibly because I’m really not into romances and I thought that that was all The Luxe was about. However, I was very wrong. This book was entertaining throughout with not one dull moment. All of the characters were likable and well written. It’s a story about females finding their own way and independence in a time when that would have been a difficult thing to do. Not to mention, they do find their loves and it’s not just a basic (boring) love story.

I am so excited to get the next three books in this series. You’ll be seeing those over the next two months. If you’re looking for an entertaining read I recommend this. Let me know if you’ve read The Luxe and what you thought about it! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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