e.l.f. Moonlight Pearls Baked Highlighter Review


It’s no secret that I love e.l.f. Cosmetics highlighters. Their Baked Rose Gold Highlighter and Blush is one of my favorite products of all time. I wanted a single highlighter similar to the one in the Rose Gold blush/highlighter duo so that it would be easier to just get the highlight instead of accidentally mixing blush with it. The closest one I could find was their Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls and oh my gosh it is awesome. There is four different shades of this particular baked highlighter and each costs $4.00.

Since this is a baked product it can be worn wet or dry. In the pictures of the swatches above: dry is on the left and wet is on the right. I prefer to wear mine dry just for the sake of it being less hassle. It’s beautiful either way. One thing that should be noted about any e.l.f. baked product is that the top layer must be scraped off to get into the product. If you don’t scrape off that top layer you won’t get the same amount of pigmentation. If you have fair skin, like I do, this is going to be a very natural looking highlight with no chunky glitter. It has just a nice shimmer to it that lasts all day.

The highlight is so fair it tends to blend with my skin unless I’m in the sun but you can somewhat see it here. 

This highlighter is exactly what I wanted. It’s creamy, pigmented, long wearing and has no chunky glitter; well worth $4.00. If you’re looking for a good and inexpensive highlighter go check out e.l.f.’s baked ones. They have a shade for every skin tone. Let me know what your favorite cruelty free highlighters are! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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