The First Date Book Tag

I haven’t done any kind of tag before but The First Date Book Tag looked like a lot of fun. Nobody tagged me in this, I just found it randomly on LilyCReads Youtube/Booktube. She doesn’t post much but she’s hilarious so go check her out! I’m going to word the questions like I found them, they’re not really questions more like prompts but anyways…

1. The awkward first date- this is a book where something felt off, it wasn’t bad but just lacked that spark for you. 


Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice has just never did it for me. I’ve tried reading it twice and I can’t get more than 75% of the way done with it. I’ve read other things by her and I feel the same about those books as well. It’s not that she’s a bad writer or that the story plots are boring, I just don’t care for her writing style.

2. The cheap first date- this is a book that turned out to be less than you expected.


I’ve reviewed The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood before but to summarize, it just wasn’t as moving/powerful as everybody had made out to be. To be honest, it was kind of boring and I hated the ending. Of course, that is just my opinion and you’re free to love it.

3. The well prepared first date- this is a book that turned out better than you expected.


The Ruins by Scott Smith is another book that I’ve reviewed before and one that I loved. When I first picked it up I thought it might be a fun and kind of creepy read but it was so much better than that. It’s one of the few books that has ever genuinely scared me.

4. Hot but dumb- this is a pretty book but not so hot on the inside. 


The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare is the first book by the author that I haven’t liked. I haven’t even finished reading it because the way it’s written is just so off putting and boring.  However, like all of Clare’s book’s original covers this one is very nice to look at.

5. Blind date- this is a book you picked up without knowing anything about it.

DSC00343 (1)

I found Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield in a random store and decided to buy it because the cover was pretty and the story description seemed interesting. This is now one of my all time favorite books and led me to buy Setterfield’s only other book, The Thirteenth Tale, which was just as good.

6. Speed dating- this is a book you read super fast. 


I’m not trying to brag, but I’m usually a pretty fast reader so I had a hard time choosing a book for this. I decided to go with of my most recent and biggest books, Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. It has 699 pages. I read it in two days of pretty constant reading.

7. The rebound- this is a book you read too soon after a book “hangover” and it ruined the book for you.


The only book that somewhat fits this for me is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I was going through a period where I was burnt out on reading but I really wanted to finish this one. I ended up getting about half way through with it but I was just too bored to finish it. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again one day.

8. Overly enthusiastic date- this is a book that felt like it was trying too hard. 


Almost every book by VC Andrews fits this but I decided to use one of the newer books, Whitefern. This book just tries so hard to be shocking and it just falls flat. I was able to put together all of the big secrets before they were even revealed because they’re just so obvious.

9. The perfect first date- this is a book that did everything right for you. 


I have two books that fits this for me, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and Watership Down by Richard AdamsBoth of these books are wonderful and I have re-read them multiple times since I was a teenager. I’m not sure what it is about either one of them but they’re nostalgic for me and manage to still entertain me.

10. Humiliating first date- this is a book that you’re embarrassed to admit you liked for whatever reason. 


To be clear, I am not embarrassed to have liked Twilight or any of the others in the series by Stephenie Meyer. This is just the only book I have that came close to fitting this because Twilight is deemed “uncool” now. I still love these books and honestly, nothing sums up being a teenager in the 2000s like these books. They’re so nostalgic to me and will always hold a special spot on my bookshelf.

I would love to know your opinions on my answers and what your answers would be! Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

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