NYX Foundation Mixer in White Review


If you are of the pale skin variety you know what it’s like to not have any affordable foundations that match you. I had finally found one from e.l.f., the Flawless Finish Foundation in Light Ivory, but e.l.f. has decided to not restock for five months so I had to explore other options. I still had my e.l.f. foundation in the shade Porcelain, now it’s called Natural. I also had the Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation in the shade Light Natural. However, the e.l.f. foundation is about a shade too dark for me and the Milani foundation is about two shades too dark. So, I decided to try NYX’s white Pro Foundation Mixer. It is $10.00 on the website and they also offer it in other shades.

In these pictures the swatch without the mixer is on the left, with the mixer is on the right.

I really love this foundation mixer. It has honestly been a lifesaver. It is the first foundation mixer I’ve ever tried so there may be better ones available but this one is affordable and cruelty free. I’ve used it by mixing the foundation and mixer together and then applying both to my face. I’ve also used it by fully applying my foundation and then just blending in the mixer directly onto my face and foundation. Both ways work but I prefer to just apply the mixer directly onto my face over my foundation, it just saves time and is less messy. This stuff will lighten your foundation quickly so be careful to only use a drop or two to begin with and work your way up. The mixer has a very light, foundation type smell but it’s not strong. I did not notice that this affected the wear time or formula of either foundation.

If you struggle to a find a foundation to match your skin, give this a try. This would also be perfect for the fall and winter months when your skin is typically lighter. If you’ve tried this or other foundation mixers I would love to hear about them! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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