Book Review of “Come to Dust” by Bracken Macleod


My brother, who also has an awesome blog called Cody’s Bookshelf, received the book Come To Dust by Bracken Macleod in a subscription box called The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. I’ve never tried their subscription box (or any for that matter) but it looks very interesting and my brother really likes it. Anyways, I was browsing Cody’s personal library, he has hundreds if not thousands of books, and I came across this one. In October I’m planning to do a blog post every day centered around fall and Halloween so I’m already starting to look for good horror books to review. I read this one intending to just review it in October but I really wanted to go ahead and tell you about it.

*Very Slight Spoilers*

The Synopsis

Is there anything worse than the death of a child? Many loving parents and guardians are faced with the horror of burying a child. For some, the nightmare is made even worse because their child didn’t just die, he or she was murdered. What if, though, through divine intervention or something beyond our understanding those children could have a second chance? A chance to return to life and get revenge on those that cruelly cut their life short? That’s the reality in Mitch LeRoux’s world. Mitch is raising his young niece, Sophie, after the girl’s mother abandoned her. Mitch’s whole world revolves around Sophie but after meeting a nice woman he decides to take a night off from his duties to go on a date. This ends up being one of the worst mistakes of his life. Under the care of the babysitter Sophie tragically dies and Mitch’s world falls apart. While at the morgue the child comes back to life to the shock and horror of the pathologist about to perform the autopsy. As soon as Mitch is contacted he rushes to the morgue to save his niece. However, Sophie isn’t like she was before. Her heart beats, she can see and speak but something vital is missing. Sophie isn’t the only lucky (or cursed) child to return. All around the world children are rising from the dead and they each have new abilities. Religious fanatics and people everywhere debate how to handle these resurrected children. Out of fear, most of them think that these children need to be killed again and buried for good. Mitch will do anything to protect Sophie and help her lead as normal of a life as possible; even if that means going on the run and leaving behind everything he knows.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In my opinion, it’s like Stephen King’s Pet Semetary and Revival had a child with The Walking Dead but it is its own unique story at the same time. It is a very creepy book but I wouldn’t consider it to be a scary one. It honestly is just very sad. You feel for these poor, murdered kids and it actually has a heart warming ending you wouldn’t expect from a horror story.

I recommend you check this book out. I’m definitely going to be looking into some of the author’s other books because I really like his writing style. If you know of any good horror books, please let me know! Like I said above, in October I’ll be posting every day (I’m calling it B.E.D.O.) so I need a lot of book, movie and just whatever recommendations you can think of. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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