NYX High Definition Blush Review

*Check my update below!

Guys, I have been on an odyssey for the perfect peachy-pink toned blush. I wanted something very subtle that would just give my cheeks a nice flush of color. Did I find it? Well, no but I think I’m on the right track. I bought NYX’s High Definition Blush in Soft Spoken. It’s on sale right now so I paid $4.55 instead of the usual $6.50.

On the website this blush is described as being pink with light gold iridescence. I do not think that’s an accurate description. This is a very peach/orange toned blush that leans more toward the brown side. I do not see any pink tones in this what so ever and it looks matte. I would almost think that I had the wrong blush but it’s labeled correctly on the bottom. This blush is true to it’s name, however. It is very soft spoken to the point where it’s almost not visible on my skin. In the pictures above you can barely see it on me. If you are any darker skin toned than me I would not buy this. This blush does have a wonderful, creamy formula that stays on my skin but it does have a lot of kick up powder because the formula is so soft.

This is a really good blush and I like it but I wish it was more pink toned instead of orange. I’m sure I’ll try some of the other shades and maybe there’s one that’s more what I’m looking for. If you’ve tried these before let me know what you think! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

*Update: As of writing this it’s October 13th 2017 and I bought this blush around when I reviewed it, so in August. I have already hit hard pan on this. Hard pan, if you don’t know, is when oil makes the blush get hard spots all over it and eventually it’s unusable. I had to throw this away because I could get no color off of it. I’ve had blushes longer that did not do this so I’m assuming it’s the formula of this one. Anytime my opinion changes on a product I make sure to add an update so that you can be aware.


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