NYX Away We Glow Highlighter Review


Well, I did it again. I bought something I didn’t need but at this point that’s the story of my life. In my defense, however, it was on sale. If it wasn’t obvious from the title, I’m talking about NYX’s Away We Glow Highlighter. I bought mine in the shade Crystal Glare and paid $4.90. Full price for this is $7.00. These are still on sale on the NYX website and there is quite a few shades to choose from.

This is the first liquid highlighter I’ve ever owned or used. It wasn’t as complicated as I always figured it would be. The shade I bought is a blinding yellow/white color. I have a yellow undertone to my skin so yellow toned highlights tend to look best on me and I felt that this suited my skin very well. I swear I took a picture of me wearing this but I have no idea what happened to it. You can see it swatched in the picture above, however. I liked this highlighter but like any product it has its pros and cons which I will list.


  • This is a very bright and noticeable highlight. This could be a con depending on your preference but I like it.
  • This was easy to apply and blend. I just dabbed it on then blended with my fingers.
  • This did not cause any skin irritation and has a very light scent.
  • It lasted on my face throughout the day but I do use a setting spray.


  • It is very easy to over do this highlight. You need to put on a little at a time and just build it up as needed.
  • This highlight has a tendency to just look like a stripe on the skin and I do not like that.
  • Being a liquid highlighter it takes longer to apply, atleast for me.
  • This isn’t a complaint about the product but about the packaging; the applicator is twice the size of an average doe foot and it does not go into or come out of the tube easily. You have to use a little force and I’m scared it’s going to break off.

Overall, I like this highlighter but it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried. I do think it’s worth $4.90 but it is not worth $7.00, in my opinion. I much prefer the powder highlights in my NYX Go-To Palettes (Wanderlust and Bon Voyage) or my e.l.f Moonlight Pearls Baked Highlighter. Let me know what your favorite highlighters are! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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