October Reading: Book Review of “Blanky” by Kealan Burke


I’m always looking for new horror stories to read and my brother (who also blogs at Cody’s Bookshelf) recommended I check out the short story Blanky by Kealan Burke. At this time Blanky is only available on Kindle, as far as I’m aware of. Since this is a short story I’m going to avoid giving any spoilers.

The Synopsis

Steve Brannigan is a man whose life is falling apart. His infant daughter tragically died in her crib and his wife can’t bear to stay in the same house with him because of the memories. Alone in the house, with nothing to keep him company but bad TV and booze, Steve hears a noise from his daughter’s room. He goes to check and discovers his daughter’s favorite blanket, known as Blanky, in the middle of the floor. He’s almost positive that Blanky wasn’t there before. No matter how he tries to rationalize it he can’t help but remember what his mind is trying to forget; Blanky was buried with his daughter…

My Thoughts

This short story was chilling from page one. You can’t help but feel for Steve as he’s suffering through the terrible tragedy of losing his daughter. His life eventually starts to get better and then suddenly it just implodes around him. What I loved the most about this story is you know what’s happening but it’s never clear what or who is causing certain things to happen. Is it supernatural or the product of a broken mind? The answer is never clear.

That’s really all I feel comfortable saying to avoid giving spoilers but I highly recommend you go spend the $3.00 and read this for yourself. It’s well written, creepy and suspenseful. Plus, it’s a quick read so it’s perfect if you don’t have much time. Let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in reading! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Side Note: Kealan Burke also has a WordPress blog called Something Stirs so go check it out!

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