Unpopular Opinions & Review for Colourpop Cosmetics: Yes Please Palette, Super Shock Shadow & Up and Away Liquid Lip Bundle

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Colourpop gets an A+ for packaging!

*I’m sorry for how dark the pictures are. The light just would not work for me and I didn’t realize how dark some of them are 😦

Since I got into makeup a year ago I have seen people rave about Colourpop Cosmetics. Nothing of theirs really caught my attention before but I wanted to try them out. I decided that I would buy one of their newest eyeshadow palettes and some of their lipsticks for fall. I know everyone has reviewed the things that I bought but we all have different thoughts and perspectives. Not to mention, I have a pretty different opinion than most of the reviews I’ve read and seen.

Up and Away Liquid Lipstick Bundle-$15.00

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What first made me head to Colourpop’s website was hunting for a dupe. I really wanted the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Gingerbread but they were sold out and I didn’t want to pay $21.00 for a lipstick anyways. I will pay that for lipstick (I have review coming up for some Besame Cosmetic lipsticks) but it has to be more unique than Too Faced. As I was looking I came across the Ultra Matte Lipstick in Mama. It looked like almost the exact same color as Gingerbread. They were out of the individual lipsticks so I just bought the bundle it was in. In the bundle you get two Ultra Matte Lipsticks, Love Bug and Mama, and then one Ultra Satin Lipstick in Calypso.

I feel very meh about these lipsticks. The Ultra Mattes are MATTE. I mean they will literally dry the life out of your lips but I mean, they aren’t going anywhere. They’re so stuck on that I had to scrub my lips almost raw to remove them. I did find that they wear better with a lip balm underneath, without one they were too uncomfortable for me to wear. The Ultra Satin was very comfortable but not long lasting, however, I didn’t expect it to be. Out of the three, Calypso, the Ultra Satin, was my favorite formula and Mama, Ultra Matte, was my favorite color. The other Ultra Matte, Love Bug, is MUCH darker than it looks in the tube. Mama was not an exact dupe for Gingerbread, it’s a darker orange, but it’s close enough for me. I would repurchase more of the Ultra Satin lipsticks but I probably wouldn’t the Ultra Mattes. They are just too dry and give what one of my favorite Youtuber’s, Raw Beauty Kristi, calls butthole lips because it shows every line, haha.

In order from left to right: Love Bug, Mama and Calypso


Super Shock Shadow in Girly-$5.00


All I’ve ever heard is how amazing the Super Shock Shadows are, but guys, I was not impressed. I essentially got this shadow for free because when you sign up for emails you get a $5.00 off coupon so I won’t complain too much. I knew before I bought it that I probably wouldn’t care for it because it’s a wet/creamy formula so you pretty much have to use your fingers to apply it. I do not like to use my fingers, only brushes. I tried to use it as a highlight on my face and it made my foundation clump up so that was a no go. I tried it on my eyelid and didn’t care for how it applied there either. It is a beautiful color and I’ve been using it as an inner corner highlight. I do plan to keep using it just as an inner corner highlight but I doubt I’ll purchase another.

Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette-$16.00

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*I created three looks using this palette right here!

I was seriously not going to buy this palette. I was going to and then I got annoyed because it kept selling out. Then I was looking for lipsticks, saw it was in stock and somehow it ended up in my cart, haha. I really like this palette. There is some cons to it, however. I’ll make you a nice list of all the pros and cons that I have found.


  • Beautiful fall colors.
  • You’re paying a little over $1.00 for each shade in the palette so it’s a great buy.
  • The shades are very pigmented.
  • The shades are long wearing.
  • Blends easily.
  • All but one shadow feels very creamy.


  • The shades all finger swatch beautifully, however, with a brush the shimmer shades would NOT work for me dry. I had to use water or setting spray for every one. The mattes did not have that problem.
  • This entire palette has a good bit of fall out and kick up.
  • The shades are so pigmented that they stain. This is great on the eyelid but not when you’re trying to wipe the fall out off of your face.
  • The shades are so pigmented that there’s really no way to get a super natural look with this palette. This could be a pro depending on what you want.
  • The brown shade on the bottom row, very end on the right, French Kiss, is more on the dry side.

I wasn’t as impressed with this palette as I thought I was going to be but I did like it enough to want to purchase future palettes. It really is a great buy with beautiful colors. I’m wearing it in each of the three pictures above. Mainly using the colors: Bling (top row, far left), Big Cocktails (top row, second from right), Full Zip (top row, far right) and the entire second row. The other shades I haven’t used as much.

If you’ve never tried Colourpop I can safely recommend their palettes and I’m assuming their pressed eyeshadows which are supposed to be the same formula as the palettes. I also would recommend the Ultra Satin lipsticks. Everything else I tried just wasn’t that great to me. They have a few other lipstick formulas that I would like to try as well. If you’re a Colourpop junkie tell me what your favorite products are and what I need to try next! Also, if you have any of the stuff I bought let me know what your opinions are! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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