Movie Review of “Nightmare on Elm Street”

I am 25 years old and had never seen Nightmare on Elm Street before. I’ve also never seen Child’s Play or any of the other classic horror movies, sheltered childhood is to blame. I decided I needed to fix this and try to watch as many as I could this October. I started with Nightmare on Elm Street because it seemed the scariest to me. This movie was made in 1984 and is filled with ’80s goodness. There will be spoilers.

The Plot

A young girl named Nancy is having terrible nightmares. She finds out that three of her  friends are all dreaming about the same man that she is; a man who has blades for fingers. Soon after, her friends end up murdered in their sleep and it’s up to Nancy to confront and defeat the killer, Freddy Krueger.

My Thoughts

I’ll talk about what I enjoyed about this movie first. I think the story is great. What’s more scary than actually being able to die in your nightmares? I think Freddy is extremely freaky looking and a great horror monster. That’s it. That’s all I liked. The rest of this movie was honestly hot garbage. I understand it was made in 1984 but that doesn’t excuse the unbelievably terrible acting. The acting and stupidity of the characters just kind of ruined it for me. Not to mention the awful ending. Was Nancy still dreaming? Did none of it actually happen? Did they all die? I don’t know because the ending isn’t very clear.

Do I recommend this movie? Sure, if you want to watch a classic horror movie and laugh through the whole thing. I have the second movie as well but I’m not sure I’ll be watching it. Let me know if it’s better than the first. If so, I’ll give it a chance. I’d love to know your opinions, as always! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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