Besame Cosmetics Lipstick & Blush Review- Is it worth the splurge?

I love affordable makeup but I don’t see a problem with splurging on luxury items occasionally. Most luxury brands, however, do not interest me at all. Too Faced, Tarte, Lorac, etc. are just so boring to me. They also don’t get the best of reviews and if I’m paying that much for makeup it better be good. That is no offense to you if you love those brands, it’s just my personal preference. Anyways, one luxury brand that has been catching my eye a lot is Besame Cosmetics. If you don’t know what Besame Cosmetics is, it is a family owned company that specializes in vintage reproduction cosmetics and perfumes. All of their products are cruelty free and some are vegan. Their products also do not contain parabens. I purchased three things: the Winter Bag- $20.00 with purchase of a full size item, 1969 Dusty Rose Lipstick-  $22.00, 1930 Raspberry Delicate Rouge- $25.00. So I spent quite a chunk of change; was it worth it?

1969 Dusty Rose Lipstick

Pictures left to right: lipstick right after application, lipstick after taking a nap and drinking water & lipstick transfer onto my mug.

This lipstick is such a beautiful, neutral shade. It a cool toned, brown/pink color. I wanted to try a neutral color to begin with to make sure I liked the formula. The formula is very creamy, comfortable and the lipstick smells like vanilla. Besame recommends that you apply the lipstick, blot it, reapply and blot again to achieve the best wear time possible. I did this each time I wore the lipstick and it worked, sort of. This is the longest wearing lipstick I’ve ever tried, even better than some matte lipsticks and far more comfortable. However, it is NOT transfer proof. As you can see by the picture of my mug above it will still get on things. The blotting technique stains your lips but the layer of lipstick above the stain is what transfers. Even though the lipstick transfers this wears away very natural looking. You won’t have just a line of lipstick on the outer part of your lips and nothing in the middle. Again, that’s because of the blotting and it staining your lips. I was highly, highly impressed with this lipstick. I honestly wish I would have known about it when I got married four years ago because this is the one I would have worn and that’s the highest praise for a lipstick, haha. I doubt I’ll go and buy every color just because of that hefty price tag but this is definitely worth the splurge. Right now they have their Mini Lipstick Holiday Set available for $25 so that would be a great way to try them out if you’re interested. They would also make amazing Christmas gifts!

1930 Raspberry Delicate Rouge

Pictures left to right: the blush after putting my brush into it once & the blush built up on my skin as dark as it will go, you can see how I actually wear it in the pictures above.

This blush is such a unique shade, at least in my collection. It is a cool toned, purple/pink blush that is just beautiful. You only need to use a small amount because this applies very pigmented, especially if you have fair skin. However, it is pretty easy to blend out. I’m not as in love with this as I am the lipstick. To be totally honest, as always, this doesn’t apply or wear any better than my $3.00 e.l.f. Blushes. It’s a nice blush but nothing spectacular. I really wasn’t pleased with the amount of kick up. The picture above was taken after I lightly put my blush brush into it for the first time. This is a $25.00 blush so I really don’t want the majority of it being lost in kick up. I also wasn’t thrilled with the packaging. It feels like cheap plastic (the lipstick tube feels like metal) and you have to twist the lid off, which is fine but it’s not good if there is any loose powder because that will spill out when you open it. I just can’t recommend this and I would say buy the lipstick instead.

thumbnail (1).jpg
Their packaging boxes are so cute!

Overall, I was impressed with Besame Cosmetics. The packing was fantastic, shipment time was quick and the general quality was good. Out of all the luxury brands, I enjoy supporting this one the most. Let me know if you’ve tried Besame before or would like to! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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