Review for the New e.l.f. Eyeliners: Workout Ready, Satin & Holographic

I literally can not keep up with all of e.l.f.’s new releases but I am trying my hardest, haha. They have been releasing new eyeliners like every other day. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying four of them out. I bought the Workout Ready Eyeliner Pencil, two Satin Eyeliner Pencils and the Holographic Eyeliner Pencil.

  • The Workout Ready Eyeliner Pencil is $4.00, part of the new Active line, waterproof and only available in black. This is a really good eyeliner but kind of confusing. It really is waterproof. To remove this you’re going to have to scrub with a makeup wipe or use an oil based cleanser. However, this did not last in my water line. It’s waterproof but not resistant to the moisture that comes out of your eyes, like tears, haha. It lasts longer than most eyeliners but definitely not completely smudge proof.
  • The Satin Eyeliner Pencils are available in five colors: Black, Navy, Smoked Violet, Golden Olive and Nude. They are $1.00 a piece and I bought the colors Smoked Violet and Golden Olive. I love these. They are very pigmented but not super bright. Since they’re on the darker side it makes wearing colored eyeliner easier if you’re more into neutral makeup. These are not waterproof so they will smear on the water line. They are so creamy that they can kind of cake up as you’re applying them if you go over the same spot repeatedly.
  • The Holographic Eyeliner is $1.00 and I will say probably my favorite of the four that I bought. The picture above doesn’t do it justice. It is white with a strong lavender/pink shift. It’s not so “in your face” that it’s not wearable with a more neutral look. It’s very creamy so you can apply it easily as an inner corner highlight. It’s also great to brighten the waterline and I love it over the top of other eyeliners. The texture is the same as the Satin Eyeliners. For just $1.00, this one is amazing.

*In the pictures below I am wearing the Satin Eyeliner in Smoked Violet with the Holographic Eyeliner over it and in my inner corner. I am NOT good at doing my eyeshadow and this was just playing around so I know it doesn’t look amazing, haha.

I think that’s everything. I wasn’t really disappointed with any of these. I do wish the Workout Ready Eyeliner would have been totally smudge proof but other than that these were all really good eyeliners. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or are wanting to! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

*I bought the Satin eyeliner in Navy as well. If you would like to see the Navy and Golden Olive liners in action, check out my Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 palette review

thumbnail (64).jpg
Sorry the picture is dark! It’s cloudy here and if I brighten it too much the swatch gets washed out 😦

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