Reviews for Some of e.l.f.’s Newest Releases!

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I love e.l.f. so much, I think that’s pretty obvious since they’re the bulk of my reviews, but they are KILLING me with all of these new releases! Well, I love all of these new releases, my wallet does not. I’ve been picking up stuff here and there if I really thought I could use it and would enjoy it. The day before yesterday I reviewed some of their newest eyeliners and today is going to be just a random mix of stuff.

Color Correcting Liquid Primer $8.00

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I’m not really into primers. I don’t feel like they do anything for my makeup or skin. A lot of the times I feel like they make my makeup and skin actually look worse. However, I’m always optimistic that I will find that one perfect primer so I occasionally buy new ones. I grabbed this one in the shade Apricot, which is supposed to correct dark circles and even skin tone. As far as the color correcting aspect to this, I do feel it made my under eyes a little brighter but this DESTROYED my makeup. I have very dark circles, lines and deep bags. I’m only 25 but under my eyes has always been like this so not much looks good on me under them. This exaggerated all of those problems to the millionth degree. I don’t even know how it managed to look that bad. As for the rest of my face, it was okay everywhere else except my nose. My nose has a hard time holding onto any product and primers do not help. This one was no exception. It also clung to any dry skin I had.

I know it sounds like I hated this but I think it was just bad for my skin. It smells amazing, like apricots, and it did seem to work as a color corrector. I just say use with caution if you have under eyes like mine or have dry skin. This primer is available in two other shades: Balancing Rose and Balancing Lavender.

Holographic Highlighting Stick $4.00


I’m pretty late to jump on the holo band wagon and I’m still not really on it but I was curious. e.l.f is affordable enough that I felt okay buying a product just to experiment with but I ended up LOVING this highlighter. It’s a white base with a blue, pink and lavender shift. You can apply it subtly for just a beautiful, cool toned highlight or you can go crazy with it to really see the holographic aspect. I’ve been wearing this with my new Joli Colibri palette from Coastal Scents and been getting some gorgeous cool toned looks with it. This is beautiful as an inner corner highlight and I even tried it on my lips. It actually doesn’t look bad on the lips but it feels gritty so I wouldn’t recommend, haha. If e.l.f. releases more shades of this I will be buying them because their stick highlighters are my favorite highlighter formula.

Correct and Set Under Eye Powder $4.00

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I love this under eye powder. I bought mine in the shade Rose, which is best for light skin tones. They also have Peach for medium skin tones and Banana for deep skin tones. This is a color correcting powder that is supposed to brighten and smooth imperfections. This stuff really works to brighten under my eyes. It is the first brightening powder I’ve ever tried that actually does something. I do have fine lines and I don’t feel like it blurred those. It just added a nice brightness to my face. In my opinion, this is much better than their original undereye powder that did not do anything for me. I hope that e.l.f. will one day release full face color correcting powders because this one is good.

Beauty Shield Setting Powder $8.00

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I’m already on my second container of this powder, if that tells you anything. This is the best powder I’ve tried from e.l.f. and in general. I bought mine in the shade Sheer/Natural and they offer one other shade in Sheer/Golden. The price is up there for e.l.f., their whole Beauty Shield line is pricey, but for this product I feel it’s worth it. This doesn’t cake up on my foundation or anything like that. It just does what a powder is supposed to do, set the foundation and not be noticed. I highly recommend this.

Lock on Lip Primer $4.00

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This was one of those purchases where I was just trying to reach the free shipping amount so I threw it in the cart but this has became an everyday necessity for me. This is a primer that’s supposed to make your lip products last longer and not crease, fade or bleed. I’ve worn this with all different brands in lipglosses, matte lipsticks, regular lipsticks and it works with them all. This will NOT make your lipgloss or anything else last all day and it won’t keep them from transferring onto stuff. What it does is basically create a sticky base layer that helps your lip product to stain your lips so while the top layer will wear away and transfer, the bottom stained layer will last much longer. This isn’t what I would consider a miracle worker but it’s definitely worth $4.00.

That’s it for now! I’m going to be placing another e.l.f. order in the next few weeks so you’ll see those reviews sometime in December. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see reviewed and let me know what you think of the products above! As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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