Book Review of “Delia’s Heart” by V.C. Andrews

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Delia’s Heart by V.C. Andrews (Andrew Neiderman, the ghost writer) is the second of a trilogy series. I reviewed the first, Delia’s Crossing, and I would suggest you read that review before this one. I’m actually really enjoying this series. I mean it’s full of unrealistic drama and scenarios but out of all the newer series this is one of the best. I’ll give you the synopsis first with my thoughts at the bottom. This review may have slight spoilers.

The Synopsis

Atrapada entre dos mundos

Delia Yebarra survived a treacherous desert crossing to protect her friend Ignacio from murder charges. Now, the time has come once again to leave her tiny Mexican hometown: Delia’s cousin Edward convinces her to return to his world of wealth and privilege in Palm Springs, and soon Delia, a beautiful and popular senior at an exclusive private school, is living the American dream. But Delia will quickly discover that high society has a very dark underside.

Extranjera en cualquiera de los dos

Delia’s malicious cousin Sophia is sparking horrific rumors with Delia at their center. Racing to do damage control, Delia’s mortified aunt Isabela introduces her troublesome niece to the handsome son of a wealthy Mexican American politician. An attraction sparks and a whirlwind romance begins…but Delia’s heart won’t let her forget her humble roots — or Ignacio. And when tragedy tears her world apart, will it be too late to save the one she cares about the most?

My Thoughts

I’m not one to typically get emotional while reading a book but this one got to me, specifically the ending. You think that something good is finally happening for Delia and then life is just like “nope” and snatches it all away. Slight spoiler (possibly) for the third book but I’m almost finished with it and everything is still awful for Delia. I’m actually starting to get nervous that there won’t be a happy ending, haha. Delia is up there with my favorite Andrews’ characters. I can’t help but like her but I hope by the end of the trilogy she grows a backbone and takes what’s hers. Like a lot of middle books in trilogies this one is kind of just a filler book. I did like it but it is pretty slow until the ending. However, it’s necessary if you want the complete story.

As I said in my review of Delia’s Crossing, I really like this series but I hope to see something new from Neiderman. This same formula is getting stale and starting to seem like he’s just ripping off V.C. Andrews name for money. If you’re an Andrews/Neiderman fan tell me what your favorite series is! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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