Book Review of “Delia’s Gift” by V.C. Andrews

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Delia’s Gift by V.C. Andrews (Andrew Neiderman) is the third book in a trilogy. The first was Delia’s Crossing and the second was Delia’s Heart. I recommend reading those books and reviews before this one. I’ll go ahead and say this series is one of my favorites, especially out of the newer (late 2000s and up) series. It was melodramatic and at times too cheesy but I just really enjoyed the story and the characters. I’ll give you the synopsis and then finish my thoughts at the bottom. This review will have spoilers.

The Synopsis

Hope is shattered…
La esperanza se destruye

No amount of money can keep heartbreak away: Delia Yebarra learned that painful lesson after a boating tragedy ended her fairy-tale romance with Adan Bovia, a wealthy politician’s son. But when she discovers she is carrying his child, Delia has no choice but to live under the watchful eye of Adan’s powerful father, who blamed Delia for the deadly accident but soon puts her health and the safe delivery of his grandchild above his resentments. Or so Delia believed.

But love brings new life…
Pero el amor sopla una nueva vida

For Adan’s father intends to use his connections to blackmail Delia. A cruel nursemaid monitors her every move. And a manipulative schemer orchestrates a reunion with Delia’s cousin Edward — a visit with grave consequences. But after tiny Adan Jr. arrives, Delia is no longer fighting for herself but for everything she ever believed, back when she was a Mexican country girl. Can Delia recapture the innocence of her roots and make a bright future for her family?

My Thoughts

Like I said above, this series was just so good. There was a few things I really liked about it. One, Delia was a Mexican character. She is the only Andrews/Neiderman character, that I know of, to be Mexican and I loved that. Two, I didn’t feel like Delia was just obsessed with romance and finding someone to be with. She mainly just wanted happiness, to be a good mother to her son and to get an education. Three, these characters were just really likable and experienced significant character growth. Four, the overall story was well thought out and plausible. Five, and last, Delia got her happy ending. I’m a cheesy person that loves a good happy ending.

If you’ve never read anything by V.C. Andrews you need to obviously read Flowers in the Attic first and some of the other classic series but after those I recommend this series. Have you ever read anything by V.C. Andrews? What’s your favorite series? Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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