November Wrap Up!


October and November has just flown by for me but the holiday months tend to do that. This has been such a good month for me. It’s been a month of amazing blog growth. There is now 145 of you following my blog and over 200 on my Twitter! That just amazes me. I’ve started posting every other day with some bonus posts thrown in and this schedule seems to be working for me. I’m going to try to keep that schedule throughout December but it’s a crazy busy month so I may miss a few. So, what have I been up to in November…

Personal Life

Basically most of the good stuff has happened at the end of this month. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I cooked for just my husband and myself for the first time and it actually turned out perfectly. After Thanksgiving I turned my house into a winter wonderland. I had a lot of “help” as you can see in the pictures above. If you’ve ever tried to decorate a house with pets inside, especially cats, you know what an adventure that can be. I also finally got a new car this month. I started driving an older Taurus when I was 18 (25 now) and it was a great car but it was starting to really show it’s age. I had been casually looking for a car this entire year but nothing was right for me, until I found my Scion. I am in love with it and so thankful to have found it.

Weight Loss and Future Plans

I finally got back on track with my weight loss and working out. After losing 16 pounds around October, I started really slipping. By the beginning of this month I was barely even trying but now I’m back at it and feeling so much better. Would weight loss and work out posts interest any of you? I have PCOs so it makes losing weight a bit of a struggle and I’m definitely no expert but who knows? Something I’m doing may help one of you. As for my December blog plans, I really don’t have anything too exciting coming up. Just a whole lot of makeup and book reviews, as usual. I’ll probably throw in a few Christmas specific posts, maybe some wreath DIYs, but besides that I have nothing in particular. If there’s anything you would want to see reviewed I’m always willing to take suggestions! 

Thank you!

If you have liked, commented on or followed my blog please know that I am so appreciative. I love getting to chat with you in the comments on here or on Twitter so please feel free to talk to me! If you would like, go follow my Twitter and Instagram. I share every blog post on both of those (unless I forget to) and my everyday life. I hope you had a wonderful November and that your December is even better! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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