Wet n Wild is Cancelled Until Further Notice-My Review of the Not a Basic Peach Palette

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I think it’s time that Wet n Wild and I broke up; or atleast take a lengthy break from each other. Before I get into this review I’m going to put a little disclaimer. If you love Wet n Wild, keep on loving them. If you love these new palettes, that’s great. My opinion is just that, my opinion. Now onto the review.

Wet n Wild reformulated most of their old eyeshadows. They added transition shades, matte shades and everything looked great. Like most makeup lovers one of the first items in my collection was the Comfort Zone palette. I still own that palette so I didn’t buy the reformulated version (and I’m not going to). I decided to purchase Not a Basic Peach for $4.99. I ordered from the Ulta website which is where I linked to because the shipping from Wet n Wild is pure trash. Everything I’ve ever ordered from them has came to me broken because they don’t wrap up anything.

The color selection in this palette is gorgeous and I was so excited until I moved past finger swatches (which were disappointing in themselves) and actually tried to put these on my eyes…

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This would be a finger swatch and then a brush swatch of the glittery, red shade second on the left from the gold shimmer. Guys, this is trash. I don’t know what Wet n Wild did to their shimmer formula but they took something perfect and ruined it. ALL of the shimmers are like this. They are dry, chunky and have tons of fall out. The mattes are better than the shimmers but I still wasn’t impressed. I’m not a makeup snob. I mean I only buy drugstore priced items but these just do not hold up to even drugstore standard.

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I mean look at all this kick up and that was after just barely tapping my brush in! Wet n Wild shadows NEVER did this before. Their shadows were the only things I liked from the brand. I hate the Photofocus Foundation and Concealer, their lipsticks, highlighters, mascaras; you get the point, I don’t like much from the brand.

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When reviewing a palette I try to make around two or three different looks with it but I just hated the way everything turned out with this. I did make this one using the orange and peach colors but honestly I have like three other palettes that can do the same thing and do it better.

Do not waste your money on this. The Coastal Scents Painted Lady palette (left) and the Colourpop Double Entendre palette (right) can both give you these orange/peach looks and are much better quality. They are a little more expensive but they’re better quality and have more shadow.

I’m going to try and use the mattes in this palette for a little longer so I don’t feel like I totally wasted $5.00. I can not say how the quality is for any of the other new releases but from the reviews I’m seeing they’re not great. Check out this Youtube video by Smarter Beauty. She covers a few more than I did. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the new releases. Different opinions always welcome! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Wet n Wild is Cancelled Until Further Notice-My Review of the Not a Basic Peach Palette

  1. Wow that is so disappointing!! I was thinking about getting this one but now I’ll probably pass. I’ve tried Comfort Zone and Rosé in the Air, I LOVE Rosé and would totally recommend it but I don’t love CZ. I really wish they brought back the purple palette they used to do

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    1. I love and still own the original Comfort Zone so that’s why I didn’t buy it but I watched some reviews and it’s obvious that the formula isn’t as good. Idk what they changed but I wish they would fix because their shadows were great before😔

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