A Second Look & New Use for the e.l.f. Heart Defensor Highlighter

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! I didn’t have anything Valentines related to talk about because I really don’t celebrate the holiday so I thought I would show you how I’m using a product I don’t care for. The e.l.f. Heart Defensor Highlighter was released a few months ago for $8.00 and sold out almost immediately. I happened to be placing an order the day it released and picked it up as an impulse buy. Sadly, I didn’t like it. The quality was nice but the two shades, Coffee and Cream, just were not good for my skin. Coffee was too dark and Cream was just too light. Recently e.l.f. restocked the highlighter which made me want to take a second look at mine and see how I could make it work.

How I’m using this isn’t a new, revolutionary idea but for some reason I just didn’t’ think about it until now. I’ve started using these as eyeshadows and I LOVE it. My favorite makeup look is shimmery and natural so this works great to create that. I always wear my Milani eyeshadow primer so with that, these highlighters and a matte cream shade I’m able to have an entire eye look.

The first two pictures I did add in some glitter on my eyelid from a NYX palette but the rest is solely these two highlighters with a matte cream eyeshadow as a base. Cream, the white highlight, makes a gorgeous inner corner highlight and Coffee makes a subtle, bronze eyeshadow that’s impossible to mess up. You can click on the pictures to see them in better detail.

I know this wasn’t some profound tutorial but maybe it can inspire you to use the makeup you don’t care for in new ways. I’m so glad I didn’t just get rid of these highlighters. I’m also really curious as to what else in my collection might have more than one use that I’ve just never thought of. Do you get creative with your makeup and use certain things for multiple purposes? What’s some of your tricks for using makeup you don’t like? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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