New From Physicians Formula: The Healthy Foundation & Healthy Lip Review

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I am so sorry for the picture quality in a few of these. It’s been so cloudy here but if I manipulate the brightness too much they look washed out and it affects the color of the products 😦

Surprisingly enough, up until a few weeks ago I had never tried anything from Physicians Formula. I liked that they had more natural ingredients and are cruelty free but man, their prices are up there for drugstore. Ulta was having a buy one get one half off sale on Physicians Formula so I decided to try some of their new stuff. I bought The Healthy Foundation and the Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick. I bought one lipstick from Ulta and then purchased another from Walmart. I’m going to review the foundation and lipsticks separately just to make it easier.

The Healthy Foundation

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The Healthy Foundation is $12.99 and mine is in the lightest cool shade, LC1. They offer twelve shades in cool and warm tones. It’s a pretty terrible shade range BUT it’s huge for Physicians Formula because they usually offer like three. It offers the standard 1 fluid ounce. It has SPF 20, claims to be good for all skin types and claims to brighten the skin. It comes with a very large doe foot applicator like a concealer. It does have a light, paint like scent but that does go away quickly. My skin is combination that tends to be more dry with acne and scarring. Below you can see how it applied and what I thought.

The top two pictures is my face without makeup and the bottom two is my face with one layer of foundation. I would say that the coverage is light to medium. This is definitely not full coverage. In fact, it’s very similar to my NYX BB Cream that I love. The color is about half a shade too dark for me but I was able to make it work using a lighter concealer. I tried this foundation over a period of a few weeks. I wore it with a hydrating primer, a smoothing primer and with no primer. I wore this to the gym and just during regular days. My final opinion is it’s an okay foundation.

This foundation looked beautiful when I first finished my makeup but as the day went on problems started to arise. For some reason this foundation absolutely hated my forehead, nose and chin. It sunk into lines on my forehead I didn’t even know I had, it refused to stick in the crevices around my nostrils and on the top of my nose and it wore away from my chin in patches. Primer seemed to make it worse. I definitely can not wear primer in those areas with this foundation. It also seemed to break apart on any acne that I had. Most of the reviews I’ve watched on this foundation said that it applies best with a brush but I actually like it better with a sponge. That’s just personal preference, however. This foundation didn’t break me out or cause any irritation.

My final thoughts for the foundation are that if you have decent skin with not many fine lines this will probably look really good on you. I do not see myself repurchasing this because it just didn’t suit my needs.

Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick

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These lipsticks are $6.99 apiece and mine are in the shades Coral Minerals and Berry Healthy. I am not a big fan of matte or liquid lipsticks. I just cleaned out my collection and threw out almost all of them but I actually really like these. The applicator makes getting a precise application very easy. These are the most comfortable mattes I’ve ever worn. I do still put a lip balm on underneath but with that they’re really not drying at all. They’re not as long lasting as most matte lipsticks but that’s fine with me. You will have a little transfer when you drink or eat. They do wear away nicely so you’re not just left with a ring of no lipstick. The only problem I had with these is you really can’t reapply because it cakes up on your lips. When they start to wear away you’ll need to probably just wipe it off and start over.

The first picture is Coral Minerals and the second is Berry Healthy. These colors are just beautiful and natural looking. They are definitely two of my favorite lipsticks that I own. I highly recommend them.

Physicians Formula is a brand that I’m sure I’ll buy more from in the future but I’m not tempted to purchase everything they put out. Have you tried these products? If so, what did you think? What’s your favorite product from Physicians Formula? Thanks for reading and have a great day!



2 thoughts on “New From Physicians Formula: The Healthy Foundation & Healthy Lip Review

  1. Stina

    Great review! I feel the same about the brand-it is way too expensive. I don’t think I will be trying the foundation out because I have too much texture on my skin. Thanks for the info 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are pretty pricey and in my opinion, you can get products that perform the same or better from e.l.f. Yes my skin is so textured and this foundation was not good for it at all. You’re welcome!


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