e.l.f. No Budge Shadow Stick Review

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I hope all of you don’t get sick of pretty regular e.l.f. Cosmetics reviews because I have bought quite a bit of their newest releases. One of the things I’ve been trying out is the No Budge Shadow Stick in the color Perfect Pearl. There is five colors available and they’re $4.00 apiece.

*First picture is just the shadow stick on the lid. The second picture is a powder eyeshadow that is almost the same color on top of the shadow stick. 

I just didn’t really care for this but that’s more because of my own personal preferences and not because of the shadow itself. It is a very creamy formula that goes onto the eyelid easily. It wasn’t difficult to work with at all and I like the shade that I chose. It’s just a beautiful pearly color. What I didn’t care for was this has the tendency to bunch up if you go over the same spot too many times. It starts to just look cakey. I also didn’t care for it on my lower lash line and it just looked okay as an inner corner highlight. This does, however, look beautiful underneath powder shimmer shadows. It seems to just make them even more shimmery.

I will continue to use this underneath my powder shadows but I doubt I’ll ever just wear it on it’s own. If you like cream or stick eyeshadows than you will probably like this because the formula is nice; I just prefer powder eyeshadows. Have you tried these yet? Is there any new e.l.f. releases you’re interested in? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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