A Review for e.l.f.’s Color Neutralizing Pens for Dark Circles & Redness

I am very new to color correction. Typically I would just put come concealer on my problem areas and leave it at that but I noticed that just wasn’t working for me anymore. As I was searching for which products to start with I came across e.l.f. Cosmetics newest color correctors. In the past I had tried a color correcting palette from them and I hated it so I was hesitant about giving these a try but I am glad that I did. Their Lightweight Color Neutralizing Pens are $6.00 and come in three different shades: green for redness, light salmon/pink for dark circles on fair skin tones and then an orange shade for dark circles on deep skin tones.

*First column is my bare skin, second column is one layer of the green and salmon colored correctors blended in and the last column is my NYX BB Cream over the correctors. 

As you can see in the pictures above I have very dark circles, redness and acne. I’m going to give you a list of pros and cons for both of them so you can decide if these would be good for you or not.


  • The formula of both correctors is easily blendable, buildable and not cakey at all.
  • The undereye corrector did not crease anymore than any other concealer that I have. It isn’t oily by any means but it almost looked moisturizing on the under eye.
  • The undereye corrector and the redness corrector do exactly what they claim to do.


  • The undereye corrector just wasn’t quite pigmented enough to fully cover my dark circles. It did brighten the area but they were still there. If you have lighter circles than I do this will probably take care of yours with no problem.
  • The redness corrector needs to be used under your foundation or the green can be hard to conceal.
  • The redness corrector didn’t quite cover all of my redness, especially around my nose.
  • I preferred the way the undereye corrector looked on top of my foundation rather than under it, but that is just personal preference.
thumbnail (36).jpg
Finished makeup using both color correctors, NYX BB Cream and NYX HD Concealer.

These are the first concealers of any kind from e.l.f. that I have actually enjoyed. They also have color correctors in a stick formula and an eye brightening pen that I’m thinking about checking out to compare to these. I hope that they will release an actual concealer in this formula because the coverage isn’t bad and it’s buildable. However, I’m not 100% satisfied with these color correctors so let me know which ones I should try next! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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